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How to Convert a Parked Domain to an Addon Domain with Bluehost

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In this session we walk one of our members through the process of converting a parked domain to an Addon domain with BlueHost.

Video Transcript

Member: My issue is that when we change the… when we’re working on my store, we did something to Bluehost because when we had to make the store, the host domain name or whatever it was?

Rick: Yeah.

Member: And I’ve got a domain there that’s showing up as a parked domain and I sure don’t want it to be parked. I want to be able to you know, work on that site. So I need for you to help me get that domain where I can use it or get… to be able to sign on it.

Rick: Well you know, you want me to look over your shoulder while you do that?

Member: Yeah, you can do that. Show me what to do and I’ll do it.

Rick: So I’m making you the presenter and then…

Member: Are you there?

Rick: Yep, there we go.

Member: Okay so I’m sitting here on Bluehost here where these both domains live and we go back to our domain manager. And okay, what I’m wanting to do is right now, I’ve got Mental Management coaches standing here as a parked domain and so it’s obviously pointing to Mental Management store which is my dominant domain on the site where we call that.

Rick: Is it actually pointing to that?

Member: Yeah.

Rick: Okay.

Member: Yeah, it’s actually pointing. So I just want to free it up to where I can build a site on it.

Rick: Okay so go ahead and select it over there, select it on the left there and then let’s see… over here on the right, okay. And then over here on the right, go over to… yeah, look at name servers.

Member: Okay.

Rick: No, that’s not it. Go back over to main and as a parked domain… okay so the first thing you would do is unassign it. So you see where it says hosting account C panel type parked or unassign? Go ahead and hit unassign. So go ahead and say yes to that.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Okay and now that it’s unassigned, you can click on it again and then you can make it a… now you go down to assign under C panel type and…

Member: Yeah, it’s showing as an addon domain now.

Rick: And now it’s an addon domain and just go ahead and say… let’s see, add a subdirectory. Okay so it says create a new directory so you just add the domain. That’s it. It’s done.

Member: Just hit add domain and it should be good?

Rick: Yup. And you can test that by installing WordPress on it or you can also test it though by just going over to File Manager and looking and seeing that there is now a subfolder created.

Member: We’re going to do that right quick as soon as this gets done. It takes a while to create all that stuff huh?

Rick: Yeah, it is a domain server thing so it does take a moment to do their thing on it especially since it was one way already once. It already had some domain server stuff pointing going on. It’s being processed so it says you have to wait.

Member:  Okay, so now how do I check it?

Rick: Well, it says that it’s actually… it’s being processed so you have to wait 5 to 15 minutes for the task to be completed.

Member: Oh okay, fine. So I can just… what? Go ahead.

Rick: You can check it by going to C panel and then File Manager and seeing if that directory is in your public HTML directory which it will be.

Member: Alright, let’s see. Obviously, I’ve got a file manager in here somewhere.

Rick: Yup, you’re almost touching it now.

Member: It starts here.

Rick: Yup. Okay you see, it created a folder, Mental Management Coaches there today at 11:57 AM. So give it a few more minutes to finish setting up the DNS and you’ll be good to go.

Member: And then I should be able to… okay, great! I appreciate it. Thanks so much.

Rick: You betcha. Have a good day.

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