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How to Copy a Skin in Thesis 2

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In this session we discuss how to copy a skin in Thesis 2 using the zip file feature on our BYOB Thesis 2 Skin Copier Plugin to force Thesis to create a new seed.php file. This plugin will create all the necessary files and it will set all the necessary settings inside of the database so that the copied skin works.

Video Transcript

Member:  Okay, okay. Well, I just wanted to go over my file structure because I just started creating this skin and I kind of did copy the Thesis Skin classic. But I wanted to just make sure that you know, my file structure was correct.

Rick:  How did you copy Thesis classic?

Member:  Well, I started copying like… because I was doing your class yesterday, the Thesis Responsive.

Rick:  Yeah?

Member:  And you show a little bit what is needed to create. So I logged in to my FTP access and then I saw the folder structure and kind of you know, just created my own.

Rick:  Okay but that’s going to result in a completely blank skin though.

Member:  Correct.

Rick:  Yeah you can’t actually copy skins that way. That’s why I have the Skin Copier plugin because the skin is a combination of settings and files. And when you just copy the files, you don’t actually copy all the real important information. So you should watch that section on  Skin Management. Watch the seminar, Introduction to Skin Management in Thesis 2 because it will show you sort of the basics of those things. There’s oe thing that’s new in Thesis 2.0.2 and that is that you need to use the zip file feature in my plugin in order to force Thesis to create a new seed php file. So I don’t actually say that explicitly in that video because it wasn’t the case in Thesis 2 or 2.0.1 but it is the case now.

Member:  Yeah, I saw that and then I also saw that you know, in like the classic theme has a seed.php. So I don’t know if you need that file because I didn’t copy that one. I just copy the ones you kind of you know, the skin php. You know, you have to have one image folder and of course the screenshot and then a custom php. That’s all I did. I didn’t create a seed.php. Do I need a seed.php? A blank one?

Rick:  No, no. It doesn’t do you any good to create a seed.php. Seed.php has to be written by Thesis on the… essentially on the export of the skin.

Member:  Oh okay.

Rick:  Really, there’s almost nothing you can do manually to copy a skin. But if you use my plugin, it will copy everything except custom functions that you may have created or custom skin functions that have been created. It can’t copy those because it can’t tell how to prevent naming conflicts. But it will create all the necessary files and it will set all the necessary settings inside of the database so that it actually works. But that’s the only system that exists anywhere for copying a skin.

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