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How to Create a Digital Product with Variations in WP eStore

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In this session, we show how to create digital products that will have variations in WP eStore. We follow the instructions that you can find at

Video Transcript

So now the next step in this is to create a product and this is…

They’re in there already.

Okay so you’ve got 2 different products that you’ve already created.

They’re already in there so yeah.

And… but you don’t want them to be picking between 2 products. You want them to pick one version or another of the products.

Right. So I should have only had one product id and then there’s a way to do that under one product id?

Yes, there is. Let’s just leave these two alone but let’s go ahead and create a new product id.


So we’re going to create a new product and what’s the product name going to be?

2012 Weekly Planner.

And the product price is?


Okay and so then… are we providing any description in this or is this just being handled as all the description, everything being handled by the product page itself?


Okay so then what we do is to select variations and this can be used… we’re going to use a digital product variation and what we’re going to do is go look at their little help file here. So let’s just close those 2 files. Okay and so the standard variation is just to put the product variations in like this and then to the extent, the product variation has a price then you would put the price beside it. So in this case, the green shirt’s $2 worth so it’s $5 and then black shirt if $7.50.

Well okay so in our case, what we’re doing is we are doing this. So we’re going to do a name of the variation group and then we’re going to have variation names and then we’re going to add downloadable files. And we’re not going to have a different price but we are going to have a different file. So their example here is to give it the name license and then the first variation is single and then here’s the download. And the second variation is business and then here’s that download. And then the third variation is professional with the 3rd download.

So what would you like to call the variation? When they see the drop down box, what do you want them to see? What do you want them to say?

I guess, planner with Bible and then planner without Bible.

You know that might be…

Maybe that’s too confusing.

No, it’s not. Maybe what we would say is planner version and then we stick the bar in and then the version name with the double colon. So let’s say that in this case, let’s call this name with bible quotes. Does that sound reasonable or is that too…

Well, it’s not quotes necessarily. It’s like a reading plan so…

Okay so we’ll just say with Bible reading plan or with Scripture reading plan?

Yeah, maybe that’s too long. I don’t know.

No, I don’t think so. I don’t think that’s going to matter.


So we’ll just say with Scripture reading plan and then there’s a space and then 2 colon. And then actually… I guess it’s not a space. I guess it’s a… I got to get rid of that. And then we have our download link. And so let’s dump that space and then we need to get the download link. And you’ve got that inside of your media library, right?


So then inside of the media library, we have… okay so this is the one with the quotes. So we grab that URL. Let’s see, let’s just go ahead and get down to this with the reading plan. Okay so there it is with the reading plan. And then the next thing is this straight up bar and then the name and then without the reading plan. So we do the bar so add that and then the next name is going to be without reading plan and then we have the double colon. And then we grab that other URL which is this one here.

I think from the sales standpoint, with Bible, without Bible or with Bible and no Bible are all too cryptic. Okay and so that should actually do it so now what we’ll do is we’ll come down and hit save product. And this is product id number 27. Let’s look at… what kind of a download link do you want to put on there? What kind of button or yeah, did you have a plan for the kind of button you want to put on the page?

Well, I just assumed… I guess we have to use the Add to Cart because I have the cart.

We don’t have to use Add to Cart. You can use Add to Cart. Are you going to have coupon codes for this too?

I will, yes.

Okay so you’re right then we do need to use Add to Cart. Which page are we putting this on?

It’s further down. It just says… you’re in the products. I think it’s in the…

Here’s the planner thank you.

No, keep going.

Keep going down?

Yeah, keep going.


Okay, household planner sales page, right there.

Household planner sales page, okay. So we go to that page and let’s go view the page too. Okay so there’s your Buy Now button. This is where you want it right?

Yeah, I’m going to put it in a couple of different places and try that instead. I have it in only one spot but…

Okay we’ll put it now in one place then once we’ve got it there, you can put it wherever you want it.


So we’re just going to take this and we’ll use the WP eStore shortcodes.

Oh, I didn’t even know that was there.

WP eStore Add to Cart, this is really what we want here. I mean, you’ve got a pretty large range of choices here but the Add to Cart button is really what you’re looking for, I think. So we say insert and then we just have to type the product id in which is 27. Say okay and then we update that.

Now you get to that button from the visual editor. So you know, when we were in the HTML view, you wouldn’t see it, that button. So you could also just type this in you know, in the HTML view but I wanted to show you that this button actually is a new feature too. So that kind of makes it a little bit easier for them.

Okay so now let’s refresh this page. Did I fail to save it? Maybe I didn’t save it. Update it. Okay so you have planner version. You’ve got the Buy Now. It says with Scripture reading plan and without Scripture reading plan so let’s just try it.

I’m going to buy one with Scripture reading plan. Okay and so here it is, the shopping cart seems to be all set up. We do need to make a couple of changes to your CSS files though so that maybe this print is a little bit larger. And so we don’t have a little gray background behind this unless you really want the gray background.


Okay well, I’m just going to go ahead say “Checkout with PayPal”. Okay, pay now. Okay it should be redirecting me back to the Thank You page. Okay so…

Well, I didn’t have it set up yet so…

Okay you’re right. It did not do that. And we definitely want it to redirect you back to the Thank You page so that it will tell you… so you can give them directions on what to expect, right? To tell them, “Okay now, look in your email inbox because you should be having such and such.”

Let’s just go the inbox. Oh yeah, okay. This is going to my PayPal email address which is a little slower to load. So we’ll just going to shortcut that make it load faster. Check that mail now. Okay so I got a receipt from PayPal saying that I’ve made the payment Okay, I got a “Thank you for yoru purchase of this weekly planner with Scripture reading plan.” So if I select this and I say I want to keep it, it’s downloading. Let’s see if it downloaded the right one.

Okay, does this have the Scripture reading in it?

One more page. Yes.

Oh, I see. Genesis 1 through 3 and Matthew 1, got it. Okay so this one has the scripture reading so we got the right one this time. Let’s try it one more time.

Let’s see… and let’s go back. Okay, let’s do it without the reading plan. Pay for it. I have a good feeling about this though. And that’s good because you know, I’ve done a lot of things this last week and a half or so that haven’t worked as expected. I’m always going to be happy with it when it actually works the way I told somebody in advanced it would work.

Well, I can remember when I had my last product and we wanted to different versions. We still couldn’t get it to work and maybe it was because I didn’t have the latest version.

Well… yeah and I mean that was last… back in the summer too, back when the latest version was versions ago. So that’s just… the tips and tricks HQ stuff has this you know, has an unadvertised and random update system. And unlike my plugins that… you know, where you can automatically upgrade your… or update the plugin because it announces to you that the plugin needs to be updated. This… their plugins don’t do that and so the only way to update them is to go download it and do what I just showed you.

Okay so I don’t… okay, there we go. Okay so here’s “Thank you for your purchase” without reading plan. Let’s download that one and then we just scroll down here to… okay, there it is. This one doesn’t have it.


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