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How to Create a Link to an Iframe

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In this session we show a member how to create a link to an Iframe and how to insert an Iframe into a page.

Video Transcript

Okay John, is your microphone up and working now?

I hope so. Can you hear me?

I can. That’s perfect.


So give me a link, John.

Okay if you go to…

Your site’s coming along nicely.

Oh thank you. It’s… everything I’ve learned from you has everything to do with why it looks good, I’ll tell you that. Very pleased with it.

So where are we going now?

If we could go to the Search tab, alright. So you see there’s 12 buttons there and what I’d like to have happen is I’d like to… for just a moment, have you look at my other website someone built for me. What is working there, I’d like to work in the same manner here. And I think, to see it would make it easier and that website is


Alright and then you see the Purchase tab? And scroll down and click on Phoenix Biltmore. And what you’re seeing there is other search results for the homes that are in that area are populating but it’s not linking off to another page. It’s not leaving my website. That’s all appearing inside my website. Now, if we can go back

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