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How to Create a Local Installation of WordPress – Part 2 – Adjust Windows Permissions

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This is the 2nd in a 5 part series on Creating a Local Installation of WordPress using Bitnami and then creating a Netbeans Project out of it. In this lesson we adjust the Windows permissions on the Apache, PHP and WordPress installation folders.

Video Transcript

Let’s go to step 2. So now we need to… in order for us to do what we want to do, we need to change some Windows permissions and I don’t know what to do in the Mac, maybe you don’t need to do anything in the Mac but in Windows, we need to change some security permissions to make these folders writeable and to give the local user full control.

So we’re going to start off by going to where we stored this and this on my site was stored in local disk C and then under program files and then we start with Bitnami stack 4. So the first one I want to change it the Apache 2 and the way you fix permissions is by going to Properties and Sharing…oops no, Security I mean and then select Edit. The user that we want to fix is the users in my case, me and we want to… so you select that user and then down here select full control and select apply, select okay and now, I have full control over Apache 2. The same thing is going to be true with php, security, edit, user, full control, apply and okay.

Okay and then we need to go in to Apps and WordPress and htdocs and do the same thing here. So that is again, Properties, Security, edit, user, allow, apply.

Okay so we have now changed the php folder giving local user full access control. We’ve changed the Apache 2 folder and we’ve changed the apps WordPresshtdocs folder.

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