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How to Create a Local Installation of WordPress – Part 4 – Create a NetBeans Project

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This is the 4th in a 5 part series on Creating a Local Installation of WordPress using Bitnami and then creating a Netbeans Project out of it. In this lesson we create a Netbeans project out of the new local WordPress installation. Then we run the website from Netbeans.

Video Transcript

Step 4 is now to create… what was that? Did I finish step 3? Yeah, I did.

Okay so step 4 now is going to be to create…okay so that’ll be pretty permalinks. Yup, okay. So step 4 is going to be to open up NetBeans and then new project so we are going to say up under File, new file and we’re going to… oh no, not new file, new project. New Project and it’s going to be php new project and it’s going to be php application with existing sources. So we say next and now the sources folder, we have to go browse to. The source is of course where the WordPress is stored and so we’re going to go to Program Files, Bitnami stack 4, apps, WordPress, htdocs. That’s where the WordPress files are so we open that up.

And then we’re going to give our project name, let’s just call it live answers. And we’re not going to put NetBeansmeta data into a separate directory. We’re going to leave it like that so we’re just going to say next and then we’re going to run it on our local webserver but this is where we need to change that project URL. So remember that… if we just go back to the site, this is our URL. So we want to copy that URL, go to NetBeans and replace this with that URL. The index file is fine so we say finish and in a moment, live answers is going to pop up here. While it’s doing that, I’m going to actually come back over here and I’m just going to close this because I want to show you how to start it up in NetBeans.

Okay so here we are in NetBeans now and live answers is opened up and in fact, it opened up index php so we can go ahead and close that if we want. You can see that all the normal file things are here, right? We can install themes and we can install plugins just like you would normally. But if you wanted to start the site up, if you come over to index php, right click on it and say run, it’s going to open up in a web browser and it’s going to be running locally. And changes you make to it here are going to show up in that local installation.

So here we are back to this and in fact, we’ve gone for so little time, it’s left us logged in. And I’m just going to show you, we’re going go to a dashboard here for a second and we’re going to install Thesis just for grins. So we go to Appearance and Themes, we’re going to install the theme, we’re going to upload the theme just like you would do if you were on a website. But now you browse to your local directory where Thesis exists and for me, that is downloads again. And we’re going to sort it by type and the zip files, thesis_18, open, install now, activate it. And now, Thesis is sitting there waiting to go.

You come back over to the site, you can see now we have a Thesis set up instead of the 2010.

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