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How to Create a Simple Footer

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This member wants to create a simple footer.  We talk about the kind of information he wants on the footer.  Look at videos that show how to create a footer.  Look at code that is a bit more complex than he wants and then get a function that he thinks will do what he wants.

Video Transcript

You asked how to make a simple footer. You know, none of my videos…I actually don’t have any videos on footers yet although the principles are…what’s that?

I looked through all your videos and I couldn’t find one so I was asking… I saw some pretty complicated things on there but… it was… I just want to build… to do a very simple footer.

Well you know, if you…if you’d go to the video lesson and you look at the eCommerce section under Creating a Widget-Ready Footer. I do actually have this little section called Add Custom Footer Part 4 and that…

It’s very complicated.

Well although… the first part isn’t. Here’s the first part. This just creates the custom footer and so then you’ve got this one little thing here that essentially you know, puts the name of the blog in the place and a copyright date and all rights reserved and then puts in you know, in this case, it says “Website Designed by”… me you know, it could be anything and that is on a fairly simple scale, a simpler version of this, right? This has more information on it. Let’s see, actually, if we go to Thesis eStore…www.eStore16… see, it’s very simple, right? It’s just that. Now you could try modifying that code or you could… what is it that you want to accomplish with it?

I really just want text. Copyright and address and that… kind of centered on the bottom of the page… that’s all really.


Website with…

Something like this?

Yes, exactly.

Yeah. So that code looks just like this… let’s see, build the footer, assemble the footer… it’s a complicated footer too but not this part, right. It creates the footer attribution and so it’s just a little div with that CSS applied to it to make it centered. It’s got an h4 tag that gives you that little copyright and then it’s got another attribution tag that puts the name… my name and then the name of the graphic designer in there. If… I’ll copy that for you.


And put that in the forum under Live Answers and then you can borrow that code and see if modifying that code works for you. It’s you know, it’s pretty… it’s actually quite simple to do that. Oh, Live Answer code. Okay, there it is. It’s not a difficult process.


Let’s see, okay simple footer code and then I’ll just save that as php, post it, and you got it. Okay?

Thank you very much, Rick.

You’re welcome.

Much appreciated.

You bet.

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