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How to Create a Wholesale Only Sales Site Where Only Authorized Sellers Can See the Prices and Purchase

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In this session, we discuss how to set up a wholesale only sales site using WP e-Member where the prices and purchase are available only to authorized customers who have user names and passwords. We recommend using WP eStore shortcodes to hide the price and purchase button until the member has logged in.

Video Transcript

Rick: So the next question I’m going to take on here is from Patricia. Patricia, are you here? Yes, Patricia is here. Okay, Patricia?

Patricia: Yeah, good morning Rick.

Rick: Good morning Patricia, how are you?

Patricia: Good, and you?

Rick: I’m doing great. So what can I do for you?

Patricia: Okay so I… what I want to do is to create a website which will be private for my wholesale customer and I want on this site to install WP eStore. And I was wondering, I know I have several options and I was wondering which one would be the best regarding that… I’m going to use of course, WordPress, Thesis, and WP eStore. I know I can create to see if I want sides, need a private name that I would give only to my customer and then tell what price to not index the site into search engine. I can also put a password but I don’t know what the issue is with password and WP eStore and Thesis. And I can do that into my official site or create a completely separate site. I wanted to hear what you thought about that.

Rick: Absolutely. And so, are you going to have… are you selling retail as well or only wholesale?

Patricia: I’m starting… selling retail but in another site. In fact, I have a site for my business which is Invincible Art and here I want to sell wholesale. And I have a blog and a store in and what I retail is different so… I have different sites.

Rick: So then I think actually, the easiest way to do this with WP eStore is the way you have it mentioned and that is to do it with WP eMember as well. Because what you can do is you can use WP eMember as a means of having your wholesale customers register with your site and they can choose their own password, their own login name, and all that sort of stuff. And then you can use… and what you can do is use the WP eStore shortcode that requires membership for purchase. And so, the… you can have it so that the products will still show on the site, right? So your site is still public but as soon as somebody logs in… but they can’t purchase anything because the shopping cart doesn’t work for a person who’s not logged in and is not… not just logged in but logged in as a member, as a wholesale member. And so, once they’re logged in then the shopping cart stuff and the price and everything else is available.

Patricia: Okay because I don’t want anybody as by… but my customer to see my wholesale price.

Rick: Right, absolutely. So you can absolutely hide the price as well, yes.

Patricia: Okay and I do that via the WP eMember…

Rick: Actually, the hiding the price and hiding the purchase button is done by WP eStore and… because it has a shortcode which requires membership in order to make the purchase and see the price. And so, if you use that shortcode rather than the normal shortcode for showing the products, they won’t see the price and they won’t be able to purchase unless they’re logged in as a member.

Patricia: Oh yes, that’s such a great idea. I like it because so that the potential customer can look before and register if they want to order or if they want to know the price. But they could just look.

Rick: Right. And they don’t have to…. and you can prevent spam user sign-ups by you know, requiring… you can either… you can let anybody sign up if you want or you can require moderated sign-ups, somebody sign-ups but you don’t let them actually sign up until you approve them. There is a bunch of different ways to do that sign up system in WP eMember.

Patricia: Okay and that is the series of workshop that you are doing right now?

Rick: It is. It’s the one we’re just about finished, yeah.

Patricia: Okay so I can go back to that. I guess you put them on the site?

Rick: There are, yeah. There are 10 lessons on the site right now.

Patricia: And I guess my membership, it’s not a paying membership. I can make it free.

Rick: Absolutely.

Patricia: Okay and I really love this idea. It’s better than the “don’t go in search engine” and everything.

Rick: Well, and the nice thing about it is that you can have… customers can have their own page so that when they log in, they can see all their purchases you know, when they purchased what they purchase, what their transactions were, everything.

Patricia: I think, also the psychological idea of membership, it’s kind of better. It looked like I’m part of a club for the customer so I really like it. I’m glad I asked this question.

Rick: Yeah, I’m glad you asked the question too. And you know, as you were working… obviously, the class I have been teaching has to do with how to create a membership site where you sell memberships. So you know, there may be a thing or two that we want to adjust for specific condition but having said that… I mean, these are what these sessions are for so there’s no reason why we can’t you know, grapple with that issue as you’re working on it. Okay?

Patricia: Okay and I can adopt the sites I have or create another one after? I’m going to think about that but that would really… it’s my answer and I really appreciate it.

Rick: You’re welcome. And actually you know, we have another member who has done just this too. Oh, what’s her name? Shoot. You know, I’m getting old. But she has some products that she sells wholesale and that’s how she set up her store and her membership site so that she can sell her products just to her wholesale distributors and not to anybody else so we can also touch bases with her and see what her experience has been.

Patricia: Okay, yeah that would be nice.

Rick: Okay.

Patricia: I’m definitely going to see those lessons now. Thank you very much.

Rick: Okay, you’re welcome Patricia. Have a good week.

Patricia: Thank you. You too.

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