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How to Create an Angie’s List Type of Site with WP eMember

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In this session we discuss how to create a membership site similar to Angie’s List Site. This can be achieved two ways; one is using a plugin called Gravity Forms that allow you to have a data input form that can be stored inside a database or a Comments Plugin that allow people to post comments and give you ability to hide those comments. The second, and a more easier way is to use standard WordPress post functionality and use WP eMember to hide part of the post. We also discuss the possibility of using a pay per view content using a plugin.

Video Transcript

I’m just going to read your question. Does WordPress have the capability to build a membership site where the info is collected by a visitor but then the information can only be seen by people who sign up to be member? Sort of the similar concept to Angie’s list.

And the answer is yes, that is, you can have a you know, a data input that is open to everyone. And actually, what you might want to do is have a couple of different… you might have a you know, a membership level that’s free, that lets people enter information but still makes them authenticate themselves before they enter the information. You could use something like… well probably the easiest way to do that would be to use a plugin called Gravity Forms which will allow you to you know, have a data input form which will then be stored inside the database.

However, you can also a comment plugin sort of re-purpose or re-task one of the comment plugins that allows people to post comments essentially. But then what you do is you use those comments as or essentially hide those comments. So depending upon how you thought about doing it, let’s just pretend for a moment that it was an Angie’s list style of thing so you had descriptions of business and each of those business descriptions was public. Or part of those business descriptions were public but the… and there was a place for people to enter comments about those businesses. But once they enter the comment, their entry was no longer public and the tool that we’re teaching for our membership site right now or that we’re using is WP eMember. And WP eMember does allow you to protect comments separately from the page itself. So then that would make more sense if you watched some of those videos.

But that’s probably how I would do it. I would probably create a post for each of the business that you’re talking about and you can have some…you can have the majority of the information available only to paid members. But you can have some information at the top available to free members and then you can have a comment section where people can add comments but then also have a… but make the display of the comments, make that private which means it would display only for people who are actual paid members.

And so it certainly is possible. You really have 2 different options and the 2nd option, I think, is the better one. You probably don’t need gravity forms. You could probably just use the standard WordPress post functionality but then use WP eMember’s ability to hide part of a post and its ability to hide comments without hiding the comment form. So the comment form could stay but you could hide the comments in any case.

So that’s… I think that’s probably how I would approach it. It certainly is possible. You know, WordPress has you know, probably a thousand ways it’s going… and there are probably other ways to do this as well although I think this might be the easiest given the plugins that I teach.

So let’s see, Kelly has asked a couple more follow-up questions. Can you set it up to have those comments to be available to be seen only once when someone pays the fee and that’s it? They no longer have access like the one-time only? Yes. Actually, let’s see… let’s just look at… I believe that you can set that stuff up for one time purchase. Let’s see, let’s go to Thesis eMember.

Okay so you know, the system that I teach Kelly, uses a combination of WP eStore and WP eMember. Both of the products are by Tips and Tricks HQ. They’re both designed to work together. One of them is a shopping cart and the other one is the membership plugin. And part of what you want to id is governed by the shopping cart. And so, we’re just going to look at real quickly here is shopping cart settings for a second. Yeah, pay per view content, yes. So actually, you can set it up to use pay per view content and yeah, actually it’s totally possible to do pay per view. I’ve never done it before but let’s see, actually if we look at…yeah. I guess I’d have to do a little bit of research on how to do the pay per view because I really haven’t ever done this before. But it is designed specifically to have pay per view settings or pay per view products. And you know, maybe it’s actually under Products.

If we go to manage Products and look at one of my products here, let’s see payment specific settings. Yeah, that’s not it.

Oh there it is, I see. So you just check it if it’s pay per view. I see so yeah, that’s it. If you create a product so they could for example, purchase access to that portion of the site for a day, for example. Or for a single view so that they could log in and look at it one time then you would use this pay per view content selector when you’re setting up the product. And when you did that then the URL would be obscured and if the pay per view wasn’t active then they wouldn’t be able to see it.

So there’s a little bit more stuff that has to happen here to make it pay per view but that’s an interesting subject and I think I will do a little seminar on how to do pay per view for this stuff. But WP eStore does provide you with the opportunity of doing pay per view.

Now you asked me if I could email you the information about the plugins but actually,you know what? As you probably know, I’m in the middle of this seminar on how to create a membership website and so on the How to Create a Membership Website page is a listing of the plugins and how they’re installed and all the rest of that stuff. So we have everything that you would need in that regard is already here on the site.

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