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How to Create an Email Opt-in System

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In this session, we discuss how to create an Email Opt-in System. This can be done by capturing email using an autoresponder such Aweber and MailChimp.

Video Transcript

Then you had a question about landing page?

Yeah, I don’t really understand… well, let’s say for the website for this sloth, I’d like to be able to collect email addresses from people so that we can send them newsletters. Of course, we’re looking for donations for the sanctuary. But I wanted to be able to give them something and we just had a wonderful article published by the BBC and it’s an 8-page PDF. And I was thinking that it would be kind of neat to be able to entice people to sign up for our newsletter and to capture their email address by offering them this article that just came out. I don’t really know how to do that.

Okay so what… you’re really not asking a question about how to do a landing page. What you’re really asking is how to do an email opt-in.


And so for example, I have a client site that I’ve used for demonstration purposes a lot. What is it…, where she has this 5-video series that she gives away if you join her mailing list, essentially. And so you know, she’s got this thing plastered all over the place and the parts of this are first, an email auto responder that will capture the email stuff. And I recommend using AWeber or Mail Chimp as the email application. I use AWeber on my site. The emails you get from me are sent via AWeber and you are automatically signed up for that AWeber list when you purchase your membership. So you purchase your membership, you got added to the list, AWeber sent you an email encouraging you to opt-in to the email list and you clicked on it and said, “Yes, I’ll opt in.” At that point, you are automatically on the list.

Now so the first step in that is to get an email auto responder and then set that whole thing up.

Constant Contact does not do that?

Constant Contact probably does do that, yes. They probably… I don’t have any experience with Constant Contact but I would assume that they do that.


Do they already have a Constant Contact account?

Yes, I do.

Well then that’s it. That’s what you would use. And so what you need is their you know, you need to create… do whatever you do to create an opt-in form with them and then the easiest way to send out a PDF only to those people that opt-in to your email list is to attach it to the confirming email. So they put their name and email address there and click sign up. They get an email back saying we’d like to get your permission to send you the information you requested. That’s to make sure that it’s not a spam sign up, it’s a real sign up. And then they click on that and say, “Yes, I’d like to opt-in to that.” And then as soon as they do that, constant or comment or Constant Contact… whatever that is, emails them the first email and the first email says you know, “Thanks for joining blah blah blah… Here is a link to the PDF that you know, that we promised you.” And they can click on that and automatically download it.

Okay and then basically, so what I need to do is contact Constant Contact to get the HTML code and then I put it in the sidebar so that you know, there would be that capture kind of thing.

Yes. Yeah you know, you… yes, absolutely. Now, if you want to watch some videos on the opt-in process, you could come over and look at my Create a Membership Website series because the Membership Website series talks quite a bit about the email opt-in system. And yeah, starting in Week 5 so you can look at the Week 5 and see what… I mean, this is describing how to do is with AWeber but the concepts are going to be the same regardless you know, because you are going to want a Thank You page and you are going to want a personalize settings and you are going to definitely want to look for the same kinds of things in Constant Contact that I show here in this. So if you go to essentially the How To Create a Membership Website and look at Week 5, those videos in there will give you a reasonable introduction to this whole concept of the cycle of the opt-in and what all of the different pieces of that puzzle look like.

Okay, great.


Yup, thanks.

You’re welcome. Have a good evening.

You too.

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  • dean haycox January 8, 2012, 12:43 pm

    do you have any training on mailchimp.

    • Rick Anderson January 9, 2012, 8:59 am

      No, I don’t but I’m certainly willing to develop something if members see a benefit. The last time I asked no one said they were interested.

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