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How to Disable Automatic WordPress Updates

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In this session we discuss how to disable the WordPress automatic updates using the The Definitive Guide to Disabling Auto Updates in WordPress. There are a lot ways to adjust automatic background updates but we can disallow the entire automatic updater by adding code to the wp-config file.

Video Transcript

Member: Just a couple of questions for you today. I’m not a real fun of the idea of having request auto update, a couple of my sites just did so.

Rick: Yeah.

Member: And I’m on them often enough that I can do that manually and I would prefer to have the safety ability to backup before I do an update. I understand that in the acc access there’s a certain code that can be put in there but I’ve seen a couple of people that were discouraging that. What’s your recommendation for folks…

Rick: Well, can’t you do that in wp-config?

Member: I don’t know that’s why I’m on with you.

Rick: Disable auto update let’s just say in WordPress and see what comes up. The definitive guide to disabling it. Okay, there are a lot of ways to adjust automatic background updates. Yeah, right okay that’s what I thought. You would just add this to your wp-config file.

Member: Okay.

Rick: define( ‘WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE’, false ); and then it won’t auto update. You could disable it all together except that might also disable the update notices for plugins so you probably don’t want to do that but I think this right here, just stick that in your wp-config file define( ‘WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE’, false ); is probably the safest, simplest most straightforward way. You’ll still get notifications and you can just you know, so you can automatically update. I mean you can choose to update manually but…

Member: Right, right I’ll still get the notice and then I can do my backup and update. It doesn’t matter where I put it in the wp-config file?

Rick: I don’t think it matters, no. I would probably just stick it at the end but it doesn’t really matter.

Member: Okay. That sounds good.

Rick: Let’s see, there was one instance though when I did this where it did matter. Yeah, you know maybe just put it in the middle. I don’t remember now what the instance was but there was some instance when I put in the wp-config at the very end and it didn’t work until I move it up a few lines and so.

Member: Okay.

Rick: They’re not telling you that, right? There’s nothing up here that says put it in a specific location but…

Member: Right. Alright that sounds like the solution I’m looking for. Just something where I have the choice to do it manually.

Rick: Yeah.

Member: Because I understand the major version updates will not auto update but I’m just a little gun shy at this point.

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