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How to Display Avatars

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This member asks how to display avatars in comments. We look at the WordPress discussion settings and at the various avatar options. I also give a link to an article on how to create a gravatar, one of the avatar formats supported by WordPress.

Video Transcript

Okay so Sam is here now. Let’s see and Sammy, I’m going to unmute your microphone here. How are you doing, Sammy? Are you with me here? Okay, maybe the microphone’s not working. Sammy asked, “How do you get an avatar to display in the comments section and in other places too?”

So for example, on my site obviously, let’s see. Let’s go to a post, let’s go to a bunch of comments. I think this one’s got a bunch of comments. Nope, no comments.

Okay well anyway, you’ve seen them. Okay, I think somebody must have commented here. Yeah okay, so we’ve got these little avatars. My avatar shows up and then these other folks’ avatars have shown up as well. And the way that you do that is in your dashboard, under Settings and Discussion then down here at the bottom, if avatars aren’t showing up on your site, it’s probably because this is selected as don’t show avatars. And all you have to do is show the avatars and then you know, avatars often have ratings associated with them. And so, you could choose you know, to only show the avatars that are suitable for all ages. That’s boring to me. I should be having this one here.

But anyway, and then for users without avatars, you can choose an avatar for them. Let’s see what happens here. Those usually show up just fine. Let’s see, let’s do it on this one. So you got the mystery man, that’s what I generally use. You could leave it as blank or the gravatar or you know, each of these. These are just all you know, different potential versions. This one in particular will be different for every person because they do it based on their email address. But I don’t know how the rest of these work.

But nevertheless…okay Pam, you’re on. I’m going to give it an x-rated avatar and see what it looks like. I’m sure it’s out there. You know, I’m sure it’s out there. I just…

Anyway, we’ll see if it is. So that’s how you do it and then all the avatars are going to show up. You know, speaking of which, if any of you don’t have your avatar, I strongly encourage you to go to your dashboard. Where is your dashboard? Go to your dashboard, there’s an article, a little link down here on how to you know, get a gravatar and you can set up a gravatar. It doesn’t have to be your face. It can be anything. It can be a cartoon, it can be anything. And then we could just get rid of these you know, ugly orange avatars.

Actually, I’m having my artist work on an avatar created out of her head with Groucho Marx glasses and mustache and everything on there to be the member avatar rather than this because I hate this. But nevertheless, you can… anything. It’s just personalizes your participation in the forum and elsewhere. So…

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