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How to Exclude a Category of Posts from the Posts Page Using the BYOB Thesis Exclude Category from Posts Plugin

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In this session, we demonstrate how to exclude a category of posts from the Posts Page using the BYOB Thesis Exclude Category From Post Plugin.

Video Transcript

Ok, I’m going to demonstrate something that I’ve demonstrate poorly today. We’re going to go to Nextgen gallery, And what we’re going to do is talk about this Exclude Widget from Posts. I have this widget, called Exclude Category from Post. And once it’s installed you can go to its options screen and you can select the categories that you don’t want displayed on your blog page. So right now, if you go over to our blog page, actually I need a menu here. I need to use a menu that will get me there. So let’s go back over to the Menu for a second, and let’s use main menu as our menu. And then come over here, now go to our – ok, that’s our Home Page. I still don’t have a menu thing of a blog page. Let’s see what did I say was my blog page, Settings and Readings, it’s Blog. Ok, so let’s go to the Widgets and Menus. And, oh no, I’m on the wrong site now. Let’s see what I said was our blog page, Settings and Readings, Blog is our blog page. So let’s go to our Appearance and Menus, and go to our main menu and let’s add Blog.

Ok now we’ll save that menu and we’ll refresh the menu. Pardon me. We’ll go to the site and now we have our Blog. And if we click on the blog page, you know all of our post show up including… come’ on. You know I’m going to totally fail at this one more time because my Previous Entries is not working on the blog page right now. And I don’t know why that is because obviously I have some odd custom code in there preventing it from doing the job. And so we can’t see what happens. So I guess what I’m going to do then is, I’m going to give these categories. Posts > All Posts, we’re going to assign some categories on these things. And so, Quick Edit and we’re going to assign the post of not uncategorized, but we’ll do Nextgen Examples, actually we’ll do single images, update. And then another example of that will be Single Image, not uncategorized and hit update. And then, this one is another nextgen example and hit update. Ok now if we come over to our blog page, still looks exactly the same, right.

Ok, so what we are going to do now is we’re going to exclude some of these images from this post page using this plugin, Exclude Categories. So we come to our Category list and if we exclude single images and nextgen example, come back over here and refresh this. Now those images that we’re down here that had those categories are no longer here. And now we have some of the Fruit that showing up, some of the Fruit posts. And if we wanted to get rid of  say Cherries, we’re going to do the same thing. Get rid of the posts cherries, save that, refresh it. Now all of our cherries posts are gone. And now we’re to apple posts. I don’t think previous articles are still, there’s something wrong with site system here. But it doesn’t have to do with this plugin.

So what we did was we excluded a various posts from our post page with Starting Day and Rotated Images and then we had nextgen examples of our Family Backpacking Trip. But if we go to the blog page, those three posts are missing because we excluded those categories from the posts. Ok.

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