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How to Export a Skin Prior to Thesis 2.0.1

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In this session we demonstrate how to export a skin prior to Thesis 2.0.1 where we copy files for the skin and create a seed.php file. We show what is necessary to do this which includes uploading the export filter to the master.php file. We also discuss how to deactivate the theme that we want to make a distributable copy of and view it in development mode to create the seed.php file.

Video Transcript

Member:  Well actually, I had a couple of different questions. So the first one I’ve been putting on your forum, I was asking about if there was a possibility for copying the files for the Thesis 2.0 skin that you created. And you offered the solution that you put in the forum and you indicated the seed.php file. Now I found that in the classic theme, there was the seed.php file but I created mine in the blank theme and there is no seed.php file there.

Rick:  Okay so I’m going to look here for a second at the site where we’re going to do some demonstration on. And this little demonstration is going to be Thesis 2 Demo Site. So inside of wp content, there is the themes folder that has the Thesis folder in it. And also, there is the Thesis folder and in the Thesis folder, this is the user folder and so there are boxes, packages and skins and each actual skin should be located here. Now, currently on this site, I have the skin that I created called Agility. I have the classic skin. I have one called high adventure. I have the Thesis blank and I have another one that someone else created that I uploaded called vodazone.

Member:  Now those extra skins that you created, did you create them all using the classic skin and editing it?

Rick:  No, I did not. The Agility theme I created from… well, close to from scratch. What I did was I copied the classic theme. I renamed all the files.

Member:  So you copied the classic theme. You see, I didn’t mind right from the Thesis blank and when you start doing that, you said it would generate the seed.php file. But I found… like I have my site up and there is no seed.php file even though I created it in there.

Rick:  Okay so I’m in the same boat although I haven’t tried editing the blank. So what I’m going to do is I’m just showing you, I don’t have a seed.php file either here at the moment. So I’m going to go to skins and select a skin and activate the Thesis blank skin and then go to skin editor. And then inside of the skin editor in the front page, at the moment I’m going to do nothing but add the loop. So shift drag the loop into place. Right now, there is actually, what I really want to do is I’m going to shift drag the loop into place for the body. This is just the wp loop and then I’m going to add a post box and this will be called page post box. Add that box, shift drag, shift drag that into wp loop. Let’s see, it’s going to just sit like that. I’m going to hit save template. I’m going to view the site.

Okay so here we go, I’ve actually got content on it so the blank is now working. So I’ve saved that template. And now I’m just going to come over and look at Bluehost and refresh it. And I think seed php will be there. It is not.

Member:  And that was the same issue that I have is I’ve got it all saved and there is no seed.php there. There’s only one in the classic.

Rick:  Okay so then the next thing to do here then, let’s look in master php for just a second. Okay, my master php file here does not have any content in it. So let’s go to Thesis 2 demo, okay Thesis 2 demo, wp content and Thesis. And this is in my wamp so that is Thesis 2 thesis master. Okay so this master file does have the export filter in it so I’m just going to upload that export filter. This might be what’s necessary.

Okay so I’ve just added the export filter to the master php file which is inside of wp content Thesis folder. And I’m going to come back over to our site and go back to Thesis admin, select the skin and now I’m just going to activate another skin. But with the other skin activated, I’m going to come over to blank and I’m going to preview the skin in development mode. At which point, I have this generate distributable. So what was necessary was to the master php file, add the filter that allowed this generate distributable and then click on the generate distributable. At which point, it just downloaded for me a Thesis blank. Let’s see in the file manager whether or not Thesis blank now has a seed. It does.

So that’s the part that was missing from the equation. In order to get the seed php to write, what you need to do is use that generate distributable filter. Now I’ll put this in the live answer Q&A section of the forum here at the end of the session. And this is not going to necessary for very much longer. Although I have been saying this since Friday but the next version of Thesis which has been due out for a few days is, I understand, going to have that export button built in and it’s going to have a couple of other issues resolved. But in the mean time, this is how you get there.

So just to recap, you have to take this function that I’m going to put in the forum under Live Answers code then take this, put it in your master php. Deactivate the theme that you want to make a distributable copy of, view it in development mode and then create the…

Member:  And then once the seed php, you can just go ahead and make the copies…

Rick:  Well, yes except that it’s also… that downloadable file that was created, I mean, it automatically created this Thesis blank zip so now you also have it in a downloaded format. Now again, you can’t use it like this though because its class name is still the same as Thesis…

Member:  But in your forum there you did indicate how to make those changes.

Rick:  Right.

Member:  Okay.

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