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How to Filter Search Results on BYOBWebsite

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In this session we demonstrate how to filter search results in BYOBWebsite using Google Custom Search and show how it works when doing a custom search for a specific lesson.

Video Transcript

Rick: Although have you seen the filtering on the search function? Have you noticed the filtering? If you search for TypeKit on my site…

Member: Yeah

Rick: The custom search pops up and I’ve actually taught a number of times how to use TypeKit over the years and…

Member: I knew you had all that on there, I just really…

Rick: I just want to show you the filter here for a second.

Member: Yeah.

Rick: So the filter lets you sort of drill down so you’re not wondering about whether or not you’re using the latest one. You can choose the latest Thesis and now this conversation about using TypeKit is based on the latest version of Thesis or you would Genesis user you could choose the latest Genesis and you wouldn’t have a Thesis tutorial foisted on you.

Member: Right.

Rick: So that’s what I want to show you is this ability to filter the results so you can see the latest Thesis or the latest WordPress or the latest Genesis.

Member: Yeah, I have definitely used that.

Rick: Okay.

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