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How to Find and Fix Insecure Content Issues with SSL

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In this session we show how to find and fix insecure content issues with SSL that are related to YouTube videos on the site. We demonstrate how to change the URLs from http to https.

Video Transcript

Member: So while I’ve told you I had a padlock and then I clicked on the part where we really need the padlock, you know, if you wanted to buy that oxygen concentrator? And then we say a little message I put in your chat window there. It says, “Be careful if you’re entering sensitive information on this page, insecure content.”

Rick: This one right here?

Member: You see, you have… yeah. You see when I go there, is there any chance you could… I can share the screen real quick to see what I have?

Rick: Sure, absolutely. Okay, you are the guy.

Member: See that?

Rick: Yeah.

Member: So I get this.

Rick: Yeah.

Member: And so if you go and look what Google says about it, what does this mean? It says you shouldn’t enter any sensitive data. And I assume credit card information, people would assume, is sensitive data.

Rick: Oh but you’re on the blog page right now.

Member: Oh okay, I’m sorry. For some reason, once you click there, anything else you click on it does the same. And I just… while you were speaking to the other gentleman, I did a little surfing around. I just put that in the chat window. Here’s what somebody else said about it. You see that link I just sent? I wonder if our javascript could be causing it.

Rick: Well our javascript only shows up on one page.

Member: Yeah. It’s acting really funny. I can hit the page one time, get the padlock, get it another time and get this yield sign. But any time I hit the cart page, the padlock’s coming up with the senstive data thing.

Rick: Okay well I just did the Simply Go one and it shows 5 insecure items. It shows YouTube embed. It shows the embed vfq something rather CSS or that’s also YouTube embed. It’s all YouTube related.

Member: Okay. It seems like it was spilling over to other pages?

Rick: I think it… well, this is a Simply Go page so anywhere this is showing up is going to happen. But you can solve this, I think, fairly easily.

Member: Okay great.

Rick: Let’s see, is that in a text widget?

Member: It is. I’m trying to hit over after it but for some reason…

Rick: Where am I? I’m in the wrong site… on my own site. Oh, I am logged out of your site. You know, all you have to do is put the S in front of the… at the end of that http on the YouTube thing and it should work fine.

Member: Oh okay. Good.

Rick: So this is just something you have to be aware of then when you are… whenever you’re using any kind of media, including the Google Translate stuff and let’s see, what is this? YouTube. So if you just take that src and make it https instead and hit save…

Member: I don’t see the YouTube widget.

Rick: Well, I’ve got the text widget open. Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll make myself the presenter. No, no it’s the next one down. That’s your… go ahead and close that one. It’s the one that says text directly below that one.

Member: Here?

Rick: Yeah. See where it says http? Add s, hit save and then if we check it again, test that URL again, I bet you the problem goes away.

Member: It did. Well, fantastic. Alright, you solved that one. Thanks Rick.

Rick: You’re welcome.

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