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How to Find the Category ID

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There are two ways to find your Category ID. For the first, go to the Dashboard and open up Categories under Posts. A list of your Categories will appear on the screen. When you hover over the Category name the category number shows up on the lower left hand part of the screen. The second way to find the ID is when you edit an individual Category. The ID number appears in the URL in the address bar.

Video Transcript

But the first question that we have is from Jackie about how to find her category ID. So the way you find your category ID is if you go to you dashboard and if you open up your categories under Posts, here is your list of categories. When you hover over this category name right down here, the category number shows up. So if we go back up there like that, you can see that category number is 19113.

Also, if you go edit it, you can use up here in the URL or up in your address bar, 19113. That’s also the category ID. And so, either one of those 2 places are where you’ll find your category IDs and then that’s what you’ll enter into that code that says or that allows you to prevent that from being displayed on your site.

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