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How to Format Content for SEO

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In this session we talk about how to format content for SEO. We look at an article and discuss what Google is looking for in terms of on page SEO. We suggest using headings, meaningful internal links, and other formatting.

Video Transcript

Member: Also, you could put some links, I suppose. You know, some links need to be put in some of these articles so that if it is scraped, some sort of a link, whether it’s followed or not is another thing.

Rick: Well actually, these articles need links anyway. This article is not very well done from a website perspective. The article is all text, doesn’t have any headings, doesn’t have any apparent hierarchical structure which is what Google is definitely looking for and it doesn’t have any links off to other places inside of the site. On a site like this, you need to develop a strategy that formats the article in a way that Google asks you to format the article. Google tells you they want to see hierarchical headings and how to use headings in your article. They want to see internal links from one place on your site into another place on your site and have that link have meaning.

Member: Yeah, that’s what I’m going to be doing with this particular website. But I would like to probably move it to another theme.

Rick: Sure.

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