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How to Hide the Multimedia Box in Thesis

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We demonstrate how to remove the Multimedia Box from pages in Thesis. We use Thesis Design Options to turn this option off. You can still use the Multimedia Box on other pages or posts if you wish. You simply edit the page or post and go to the Multimedia Box Options section where you can insert an image, video or some HTML code. You can also turn the hook on in the options and use custom_functions.php to hook anything you want to the box.

Video Transcript

Okay so the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to turn off this multimedia box. And the way you turn off the multimedia box is to go back over to Design Options and that’s Thesis Design Options and under the Multimedia Box Settings, under default settings, we just select do not show box.

Now this doesn’t kill the box forever. It just doesn’t have it on by default and at any point in this process that we wanted to have the box say, there was something we wanted the multimedia box on one of our pages or one of our posts, that ability still exists on that page, your post edit screen. So if you look at the page edit screen here and we look at you know, browser search our library catalog, we could choose, under multimedia box then to either put an image or a video or some other HTML code. Or we could just kind of hook on and then we could use custom functions php to hook anything we wanted to with this. So that would still work even though we turned it off elsewhere. It would work on this one page.

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