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How to Identify the Home Page and Blog Page in the Colorway Theme

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In this session we show how to identify the home page and blog page in the ColorWay Theme. We select a template for the page that we want to be the posts page because the theme is configured so that the front page is automatically the home page as soon as widgets are added.

Video Transcript

Member:  Alright. The other question about that home thing was well, I went to the forum and noticed 10 other people asked the same question. He either doesn’t answer them or he gives them an answer that’s wrong. So like he says, “Go ahead and change this radio button.” but when you change the radio button, it ends up making the post go to the home page which is what you don’t want.

Rick:  Can you show me that site?

Member:  Yeah.

Rick:  Okay now the first question is, is this the way you want it to be, the home page right here?

Member:  Yes, yes.

Rick:  This is exactly what you want for your home page.

Member:  Yes.

Rick:  If you click on that home button, does it take you here?

Member:  Yes.

Rick:  Okay so it’s working the way you want it to work.

Member:  Except I want this news to be the blog. So if I go in and do the whole reading…

Rick:  What page is the blog on?

Member:  News.

Rick:  I mean, really, if you click on news, does it take you to the blog?

Member:  Yes.

Rick:  Except there is no blog or…

Member:  Yeah, I haven’t posted anything while this is testing or something but…

Rick:  Okay.

Member:  Here’s what happens. If you go do the radio thing on the back end, like you said, you can’t select the home page. What he said to do in the forum was, “Oh, it’s really easy to do. You just go to here and turn that off.” When you do that, it doesn’t do whatever every one’s asking to do. It ends up making the home page be the same as the blog.

Rick:  Okay so show me what’s on this home page. Scroll down a little further and you show me everything that’s there. Okay so now show me the setting.

Member:  Which setting?

Rick:  Yeah, front page on or off. Check for enabling front page or check off or blog page is the front page. Okay so you checked in on. So then go to reading settings.

Member:  And this is how I’ve always normally done it. You do this and go front page. I don’t have a home because it doesn’t exist.

Rick:  Okay.

Member:  And that will be…

Rick:  So now select news for your blog page. Hit save.

Member:  Okay. And that ends up making the news page the home page.

Rick:  Okay.

Member: I’m trying to make this idiot proof for 50 different saleswomen, you know? Set it up for them correctly because I’m creating a website for all of them.

Rick:  Yeah. o the question you have is well, I want to use your custom front page but I also want to have blog posts displayed on a page.

Member:  Right.

Rick:  How do I make that happen?

Member:  And that’s what I wrote and like I said, 6 or 7 other people wrote the same thing and he’s like, “Here’s how you do it. You turn off this thing and you go to that radio button…” or not there. You go to this, where I had it before. You know, where I turn the on off thing?

Rick: Yeah.

Member:  Unfortunately, the customer wrote back, “Oh that fixed it. Thanks.” Well, it doesn’t fix this. So like that string ended and a bunch of other people posted stuff, asking the same thing and he hasn’t answered back so I don’t know. Like I told you, I struggled with this for years. I’ve tried to trick this thing because it should be like…

Rick:  Actually, let’s just look and see if it does it in a way that’s similar to Genesis. Genesis does this same thing and I think it’s dumb. But they essentially have it configured so that the front page is automatically their little home page thing as soon as you start putting some widgets in. And the page that you want to be your posts page, you select a template for it. So let’s go look at one of your pages for a second and see if it does the same thing.

Member:  Go here?

Rick:  Yeah go to… yeah and then let’s look at the news page that you want to be your blog page. And then scroll down, look at the template choices you have.

Member:  Over here or…

Rick:  Yeah. What are the template choices? There it is, blog page. There’s your solution. So select blog page. I’ll bet you that makes it work. Hit update.

Member:  Are you serious?

Rick:  Yeah.

Member:  Are you serious?

Rick:  I think I’m serious. I’ll bet you it works this way.

Member:  I’m going to kill myself. I’m going to have to go back and turn that off, right?

Rick:  You have to go back to settings, apparently. Or Settings and Reading.

Member:  Yeah okay.

Rick:  And go back to front page displays your latest post. You don’t have to reset…

Member:  Here, right?

Rick:  Yeah and hit save changes then go look at it. I’ll bet you it works fine now.

Member:  You’re killing me. That’s unbelievable.

Rick:  There you go. See you know, when you first ask a question,  I didn’t understand it. I didn’t understand the context. I was thinking you were asking the question in Thesis so I gave you the Thesis answer. Since I switched to Thesis before WordPress had this feature and I’ve been working almost exclusively in Thesis ever since then. Until I started teaching Genesis, I had not encountered this style of essentially ignoring WordPress and creating your own thing for the front page and the blog posts.

Member:  Rick, you don’t know how many years… seriously, how many… 30 websites and a couple of years of just struggling with that, trying to fake it out.

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