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How to Insert an Audio Link into a Post or Page

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In this session, we demonstrate how to insert an Audio Link in to a post or page. It’s the same as adding an image but you will use the Add Audio button instead of the Add Image button in the WordPress Text Editor. We also discuss the correct format for the title of the audio file.

Sometimes, audio files are too large to be inserted using the media library. If this is the case for you view the video session on How to Add an Audio Link when the Audio File is Too Large for the Media Library where we discuss how to accomplish this.

Video Transcript

Okay so now what we’re going to do is take a look at how to insert audio into a post. I’ve had a couple of questions like that lately, including from a client. And so we’re going to work for the rest of the session here actually on a client’s site and I’m just going to demonstrate in a live site how to do this stuff.

And so the first one is how to insert audio into a post. So what we’ll do… and this is… it’s essentially the same thing as inserting an image into a post or inserting a pdf download link into a post. And really, inserting anything into the post using the media library so it’s a very simple straightforward thing to do. But we’ll go ahead and go to the dashboard and find the page we’re going to put this on.

And so let’s see, we’ll go to pages. We’re going to put this audio download on a content page that she has and we’re doing step 3. So we’ll edit this. Actually, we should just take a look at this page for a second just to make sure that we know where we’re putting this. Okay so I am going to put that… actually, I’m just going to put the audio right there at the very top. And so right above this, I’ll put my mouse, select this button here. Add media…actually, that’s not right. Not add media, it’s add audio. You’ve got to add an image, add a video, add an audio, add media because we’ve got FV WordPress FlowPlayer here. It’s also add FlowPlayer video. But in this case, we’re going to add an audio and the first thing we do is select on our computer to upload it. And let’s see, okay, where did she give me that file? Oh, maybe I put it in the downloads.

Okay, here it is. Now, notice how this file is start where you are to get where you are going .mp3. Notice how that file has all l these spaces in it? Well, we can’t really use a file with spaces in it for putting this online. So what we’re going to do to this is before we do anything, we’re going to rename it. And we’ll just put dashes in between each of these spaces so that the file actually works in the web format. I find people make this mistake all the time, trying to upload an image or a video or an audio or a pdf file with spaces in the text and the web just doesn’t deal with spaces well like that. So I think you need to assume… you just need to get in the habit of naming your things with hyphens. And then say open… oh, isn’t that interesting? I guess my mp3 file is too big so we’re going to choose a different mp3 file just for the purpose of explaining this.

How big is that thing? Okay so let’s see if we can find another mp3. Okay well, we’ll use this… we’ll pretend this is actually a file that we’re going to use for it and we’ll try using that one. This isn’t it. We’ll end up removing this but… and I guess it’ll be instructed because it’ll also show you how to do this with files that are too large to upload to this. This file is…or this site is hosted at GoDaddy and GoDaddy does have fairly restrictive requirements on upload sizes.

Okay so then now that the thing is uploaded, what we’ll do is we’ll give it a title. And in the title, it will say, “Listen to Step 3 audio.” And we’ll insert that into the post. Now you can see, we’ve got this little link here that links off to that location and it’s got this “Listen to Step 3 audio.” If we hit update and we refresh this, here’s our “Listen to our Step 3 audio”. In fact, that actually should go down below that, right? But if we select this…

“This broadcast is for the exclusive use of paid client.”

There you go. So we’ve got this little audio that pops up and starts playing when you select that link.

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