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How to Insert an Image Link Into the Body of a Post or Page

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In this session we show how to insert an image link into the body of a post or a page by entering the URL of the page you want to link the image to when you add the image.

Video Transcript

Rick: Okay so let’s see, Brian has a question. Brian, I’m unmuting your microphone. Brian Hallen, how are you doing, Brian?

Brian: Can you hear me?

Rick: Pretty good.

Brian: How are you, Rick?

Rick: I can hear you just fine. I’m doing great. So what can I do for you?

Brian: Okay, last week I think I asked you how to set up my header so then when I clicked on it, it will go to the homepage.

Rick: Yes.

Brian: And that worked great, appreciate it. Now there is… I don’t know if I’d want to this on too many but like on the bottom of one of my pages, I would like to have a customer click on it and then be taken to the contact page.

Rick: And what do you want them to click on to take them to the contact page?

Brian: Well, I have an image I’d put in there and I don’t know, that’s you know…

Rick: Can you give me a URL? Did you already have it in there?

Brian: and let’s see, go to the Remote Support page.

Rick: Okay.

Brian: Now at the bottom where it says please contact support, I’d like them to be able to click on that…

Rick: Click on that button and this…

Brian: I don’t know if I can do that or have to put a…

Rick: Absolutely, it is slam dunk. It’s called an image link, yeah. It’s very easy. It’s called an image link and in fact, you saw the dialogue for doing it when you put this image in place.

Brian: I did? Okay.

Rick: You did. So for example, we’ll just put an image link in this site right here. So let’s see /wp-admin… so we’ll go to our homepage and we’ll stick this image link in the homepage. I’m skipping past home some place. My dashboard… oh, here it is. So let’s say we want to put it right after this text. Say we’ll add an image and then I’m going to pick an image off of my computer. Graphics, redesign… let’s just use one from my affiliate banners here for a moment. Okay so there’s my little affiliate banner. It’s right here.

And so let’s say that in this link URL, I’ll go ahead and hit none and let’s just say I want to link off to another place. So let’s see, let’s go to the About page. So and then the title is going to be “Go to my About page”. The title represents your tool tip so that’s why we’re saying that. I’m going to make it left aligned there and I’m just going to put that in the alt text as well. Insert it into the post, update it, view the page. So here’s my little image and if I click on that, it took me to the About page.

Brian: Okay, very good.

Rick: So it’s very, very simple and inside the content area to link this image to a link is very easy and it all has to do with… let’s see, let’s just add that image again. It all has to do this link right here, the link URL. See? WordPress automatically puts a link URL in there and it’s this one right here, it’s the file URL. You can see that it says wp-content uploads 2011 such and such.

So, if I left that there and you click on that image, it will take you to what’s called an attachment page which just shows the image and you don’t care about that. There’s never any reason really why you want to go off from that image and go see another image. Now you could put post URL here instead or you could put file URL…oh no actually, I’m sorry. That is the file URL which was the wrong one or you could go ahead and put none there and it won’t link to anything. Or after you’ve put none in, you could put any link in. It doesn’t matter where it is. I could instead make it go to or whatever. So that’s what this link URL does.

Brian: Okay, very good.

Rick: And when you’re on it you know, if you hover over it, you can see that the tool tip is “Go to my About page” because we put that in as the title. Because we put that as the title, that becomes the tool tip.

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