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How to Install a Thesis 2 Box

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In this session we demonstrate how to install a Thesis 2 box and add the box that puts a copyright notice in the footer or where ever you’d like on the page. We demonstrate how to fill out the fields and place the box where we want it displayed.

Video Transcript

Member:  Let’s see, what were my other questions? You had emailed me that little box.php for styling my footer.

Rick:  Yeah.

Member:  I don’t know if that’s applicable to this discussion today but is there any way you can show us how we would actually add that box to this screen?

Rick:  Sure. So the way you add a box that’s completely separate from the skin, right? That’s the box you’re talking about is the box that I created that puts a little copyright notice someplace, doesn’t matter where it is. It puts a copyright notice someplace is you come over to your boxes thing and you hit select boxes. And then you select upload box and you figure out where you stored that box. I’m going to try and figure that out myself. And then let’s see… what did I call that thing? I probably called it… started with byob.

Member:  If this said box.php…

Rick:  Well no, that’s…

Member:  It said byob-copyright-date.

Rick:  Yes, there it is. So it needs to be zipped up in order for you to use. You can’t use it in an unzipped state.

Member:  Okay.

Rick:  In its zipped up state, you upload it like that. Add the box. It says the box was successfully installed. Now if I want to use it, come over here and click on it and say I want to use it and save the boxes. And now, in my skin, that box is available for me to use. So if I come over here to add boxes, now copyright date is down here. It never existed before.

Member:  Okay.

Rick:  And I can just say, sort of attribution or copyright.

Member:  Okay.

Rick:  Add the box. Now that I’ve got it there, let’s say I’m going to put it directly above my Thesis attribution. So shift drag it into place and then it has something for me to fill out. So my company name… let’s call it Tailoring the Web and I start the business in 2009… So those are my things I could fill out. I could add a class if I want to style this but I’m not going to. And so I just close that and now the copyright is there. If I save the template on my front page… I need to raise this up so you can see it. There’s my copyright, copyright date 2009 to 2012, Tailoring the Web, all rights reserved. That’s what that box did.

Member:  Okay so what you gave me is just basically a box and it’s empty. I’m going to add what I need to it. Is that correct?

Rick:  Well, the only things you can add to this box that I gave you are you can give it a name, right? But that name’s not meaningful. But you can give it a name. You could give it a class. You could put your company name in and you can put the the date that you start a business in. Those are the only things you can do with that box.

Member:  Okay. If I wanted to add a little clickable badge or something to it…

Rick:  It doesn’t do that. The only thing it does is it takes that information and then says copyright date or you know, copyright 2009-2012 Tailoring the Web all rights reserved. It takes this little piece of information, 2009 and this business name, Tailoring the Web and folds that into the rest of the stuff and then puts it wherever I put it. That’s what the box does.

Member:  Perfect. Okay.

Rick:  And I can decide where the box goes by dragging it, right? I could put it up above the nav menu if I wanted, still the template.

Member:  Pretty slick.

Rick:  And there it is up at the top instead.

Member:  Sure okay. Alright.

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