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How to Keep a Site from Being Indexed by Google During Development

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In this session we show how to keep a site from being indexed by Google during development by going to privacy settings and telling the search engines not to index the site.

Video Transcript

When you say to make it private, the way to do that is to go into each page and get a no follow no index page?

No. The way to make it private is under Settings and Privacy.

Oh, okay.

This is a different kind of private and just right there, you can say ask search engines not to index the site.

Boy, that’s easy.


Okay. Alright, great.

Now, I’ve found people who said, “Gosh you know, I’ve worked and worked on my site and I can’t figure out why we’re not being indexed.”

That’s right.

And so you say, “Well, let’s look at your privacy settings.”


So it’s something to keep in mind.


It’s a loose term because it’s a whole different thing than saying when you have a post and making it private. You know, it’s…

That looks like a great feature for exactly what I’m doing and I’ve built sites for clients and I didn’t know about that. I’ve had to do it on every page and then only finally get the client’s sounds off on a particular page, go back and uncheck the no index no follow. I mean, it’s a nightmare. So that’s a Godsend right there. That’s worth the price of my membership, Rick.

Perfect. It’s always good to find a low-hanging fruit.

Right. That was easy.

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