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How to Make a Background Image that Fills the Entire Screen

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In this session we talk about how to make a background image that fills the entire screen and discuss the image size that will work in any monitor size.

Video Transcript

Member:  Could you just have a look at that background image there?

Rick:  Yeah.

Member:  I was playing around because it’s like the picture of the village. It might not be that particular image but it will be something like that. And obviously, I want it to fill the page. I’ve just fixed the background now because I was playing around with it. Because I just had it just as a background image and I was… I found the background size, as it’s called now. It says css.

Rick:  Yeah.

Member:  And I was wondering, I want to get it so that it’s… I don’t want it to be… to stop halfway down or whatever. Is there any way I can…

Rick:  Yeah you should create your background image… I mean, you should just redo the image so that it is… well, at least 1600 pixels wide by… yeah probably 1400 pixels tall and then fix it. And so it’s only going to be… at which point, only a monster monitor will not show it. And make sure that you center it. You make it top center. I mean, it’s hard to see here but obviously, on my monitor, I’ve got a 24 inch… I mean, I’ve got a 22 inch monitor and the… I guess it’s 24. Anyway, it’s 1600 by 1200 and the image is not quite 1200 tall so down here you can see the green. And obviously, it’s not 1600 wide so you can see the green over there. And if you want a full width image, you need to make it as large as sort of the largest typical size monitor which could be… well you know, most monitors these days are coming in at no more than 1200 pixels tall. But you could give yourself a little bit of extra room and make it 14 or something.

Member:  Yeah and then you just top center it and fix it.

Rick:  Right.

Member:  That’s brilliant. I’m sorry, that’s quite a boring question. But it’s been giving me a bit of a headache.

Rick:  No, sure. Absolutely.

Member:  That’s lovely. Thanks very much Rick, again.

Rick:  You’re welcome. You bet. Have a good day or good evening.

Member:  And to you. Yes, bye.

Rick:  Bye bye.

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