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How to Make an Image NOT Clickable

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In this session we show how to make an image not clickable by going to the image and getting rid of the link URL.

Video Transcript

Member: So if I go to my home screen here, do you know by any chance… I can also ask Kim too… because I think she has this kind of embedded but I don’t want this image to be clickable. Do you know what I’m saying? I just want it to be a static image.

Rick: Okay so show it to me. Show me… so is this just….

Member: It’s a sticky post, I think. A sticky… let me just look and see what it is.

Rick: I think it’s probably just in your homepage, isn’t it? Or am I mistaken?

Member: No, I think you’re right, the homepage. It would just going to be under…

Rick: Pages.

Member: Pages, okay.

Rick: Yeah. Okay click on that image… and no, no, no. Don’t delete it. Just click on that, edit the image and then get rid of the link URL.

Member: Just delete and update?

Rick: Update. It’s no longer a clickable now.

Member: Okay, gotcha. Alright, we’ll I’ll recreate that post and see what happens.

Rick: Okay. Good luck with that.

Member: Thanks Rick.

Rick: You betcha.

Member: Thank you.

Rick: Bye bye.

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