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How to Make Your Own Gravatar Show Up in Your Comments

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In this session, we show how to set your own gravatar in your comments. You need to make sure that the email address in your account is the same as the email address in your WordPress User Profile.

Video Transcript

Sammy: And also to the… the question that I have was I did turn on that enable avatar but it only comes up on your site. My avatar doesn’t show up in other places.

Rick: Well, it’s because of the email address you used.

Sammy: I didn’t understand that either.

Rick: Yeah, it’s the email address that you use on your site. So for example, my admin email… let’s see, where’s my users? Okay, under My Profile, this address right here, rickbyobwebsite is the email address that is registered with my gravatar.

Sammy: I haven’t updated yet. Okay, I haven’t updated yet. My screen is not showing your update.

Rick: Sure. However, the concept here is that the email address that you use as your email address on your site needs to be the email address for your gravatar because that’s how it knows.

Sammy: Okay, on user profile?

Rick: Yeah.

Sammy: Okay, I see email address. Okay I see. Whatever email address is in that box is what the avatar… what will grab to and post on?

Rick: Exactly. So now you can… you know, my gravatar has lots of email addresses associated with it.

Sammy: How do you do that?

Rick: I’m going to show you.

Sammy: Okay.

Rick: So you go to the gravatar site and you log in. Let’s see, well… let’s see, evidently I don’t remember my password. One more time, there we go. So you can see I have the same gravatar for rick@byobwebsite.

Sammy: I have dollop over here. There you go.

Rick: Well in any case you know, I have a whole bunch of email addresses here.

Sammy: So you edit those too, it just lets you edit?

Rick: Right. So there’s a little button there that says add a new email. You just add that email address to it.

Sammy: Oh thank you. Thank you. Okay, last question before I let you go. When you put a new page up, does that generate a rsv to your subscribers?

Rick: Not a page, no. If you put a post up…

Sammy: Only posts.

Rick: Right.

Sammy: Got you. Good. So what I’ll do, I’ll do another post. When I do the other post then I could see how many people actually are grabbing the RSS feed?

Rick: Yes.

Sammy: Good and then it’ll help me eliminate on spam. Man, they had me fooled. They had me fooled real good. They did a job on me. I thought it was… I’m sorry.

Rick: Well, I’m sorry to have diabused you of that notion.

Sammy: No, no but I appreciate it because you know, I don’t want my site being out there like garbage you know?

Rick: Right.

Sammy: Google’s saying, “You never authenticate.”

Rick: That’s right.

Sammy: Not good. I’m going to go like, “Oh that was a compliment.” I was like, “Oh man, these guys are eating up this material.” No. Rick, thank you. I appreciate it. You answered everything that I need to have answered. I sure appreciate you, man.

Rick: You’re welcome. Talk to you later, Sammy.

Sammy: Alright, bye bye.

Rick: Bye bye.

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