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How to Make your Website Look Good

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In this session we talk about how to make your website look good by looking for design inspirations that you can to emulate. We also show some design inspirations and layouts that we are looking at for our own home page redesign.

Video Transcript

Member:  I asked a question about  making a theme look good. I know that it was vague but I found when I clicked just a plain color on the edges, I guess that would be in the body, beside there and just a plain color in the border, it tends to look… okay so that’s what I’ve been playing with. I don’t have a plain color there but right where I’ve got that basket weave, if I just have a plain color there, it just doesn’t look good. And I don’t want it to just be white either.

Rick:  Yeah. Well, I am the wrong person to ask aesthetic questions of.

Member:  Okay.

Rick:  You know, I never make my own aesthetic decisions. I hire somebody to do that for me. And I mean, I would suggest you maybe look around for either design inspiration. You find a site that you like that you’d like to try to emulate. That’s probably actually the very first thing you should do is that you should have some sort of a big idea about what you want your site to look like.

We are embarking on a redesign of BYOB Website’s homepage. And so we are looking at 3 sites for design inspiration. We’re looking at the layout of DIY Themes. We’re looking at the layout for WP MoDev, their new homepage. You know, where it’s got a layout similar to that and then I kind of like the… homepage also, especially this one.

So we’ve started off you know, we’ve given our artist these examples and said you know, gave her our color scheme and our logos… you know, our signature graphics. So our construction gal given those things and given what we want to try to communicate on our homepage. We want to do something similar to these. And she’s coming back to us with ideas.

So that’s how we do it. And you know, we just come up with what we think is… we look around for something that inspires us and that makes us envious and then we have somebody try to emulate it for us. And I guess that’s what I would recommend you do is look around, find a site that looks the way you would like it to look and then try doing that or try implementing something like that.

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