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How to Manually Install an Upgrade to Shopp

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In this session we discuss how to manually install an upgrade to Shopp when the automatic installation fails. We backup a single WordPress installation with BackupBuddy and exclude some of the directives that don’t need to be backed up. We also show how to detach the key from the site and manually enter the key to license the site. We check for updates, do an update, backup and restore before the final upgrade.

Video Transcript

Member: The first one is here on my Shopp. I’ve got all kinds of Shopp versions but on orders here and I mean it’s probably something really stupid I’m doing… so luckily, I’ve got a few orders, okay. You know, it says total 0, average sale 0.

Rick: All orders 9. And so you have some of them completed and paid.

Member: Yeah. I”ve processed most of them and I’m just wondering, I would assume this thing right here starts ringing up stuff.

Rick: I would assume that too. Which version of Shopp are you on right now?

Member: I’m one behind because the last time I upgraded, everything exploded. Email was… do you remember that?

Rick: I do. I symphatize with the reticence to upgrade. But4 I don’t click that upgrade automatically until you’ve backed the whole thing up. But… oh no, you’re 2 behind.

Member: Okay, 2 behind.

Rick: I’d back the whole thing up and then upgrade automatically and see if that fixes it. There’s ben a lot of little fixes that have happened in 1.2 or 1.22 and 1.23. Now I’m not guaranteeing you that it will fix it but there have been a lot of little fixes that were addressed there.

Member: You knojw, what happened… and maybe you can use me as a guinea pig or something. Last time I did it you know, I did back it up with Backup Buddy and then you know, it was “guaranteed” that it was not going to screw up all the custom coding. It screwed it all up and the developers told me, “You don’t have anything in the custom you know, css file.” I mean, I spent weeks and weeks fixing it all with developers. It was… so I’m scared to death to do it again.

Rick: Show me your Backup Buddy settings.

Member: There are some other problems with that too. Because it was supposed to be… 2 errors. There’s another error… I mean, another issue I had thought of talking about tonight but… let’s see, where do I want to go to get to…

Rick: Well, show me your settings down at the bottom.

Member: Hold on, let me show you one other thing because this happens constantly and it keeps sending me emails all the time. It tells my license is no good but…

Rick: Yeah, that’s happening to me all the time. I don’t… I know it’s an ongoing issue that they’re trying to resolve but it happens to me all the time as well right now.

Member: Okay. So I have… theoretically, licenses are supposed to be on two websites. I have it on Anatomie Wear and I have it on It seems to work fine with Anatomie Wear. It’s never ever backed up with Anatomie Team. It just keeps saying error. You know, I worked with the host multiple times. They keep saying it’s not them because it’s working on site but not the other.

Rick: Who’s your host?

Member: It’s TVC Net.

Rick: Okay. And Backup Buddy works whether it’s licensed or not. Backup… the only thing that doesn’t happen I it’s ont license is that it doesn’t provide you an opportunity for automatic upgrades. But Backup Buddy is GPL software so it can be used and it does not deactivate or fail to work just because it’s not licensed. So…

Member: Do you want me to go to the settings too?

Rick: Yeah so go ahead and show me settings. Okay so you’ve got all the backup tables in the database, not just WordPress. Okay and… so keep going all the way down for just a second. You’re not using a remote. Okay here, what I would do is definitely exclude some of these directories. So I would get rid of accu b tech so just click on that little arrow on there. No, the little red button beside it. Click on that and then advertisement and CGI bin and stuff. Let’s keep going down here. Wp admin new, wp includes new… because that’s actually old, right? You’re not actually using those directories anymore.

Member: I don’t know. I don’t think so.

Rick: Yeah, I don’t think so either. I think that that looks to me like something’s that was created temporarily. And okay so you’ve got those things excluded.

Member: So what’s the intent here? You’re trying to exclude them so it runs here or what?

Rick: Yeah, you’re trying to exclude them so it doesn’t back them up because there’s no reason to… well, in the first place, you really only want to back up a single WordPress installation with Backup Buddy. You don’t want to be backing up several WordPress installs together. And what this loks like is a couple of different WordPress installs. Now I’m sure it isn’t but that’s what it looks like.

Member: Right here?

Rick: Yeah but first, let’s go to… yeah, go ahead. Go to installed plugins and then manage licenses.

Member: Okay.

Rick: And do your little login thing there. I’ll hide it.

Member: What am I doing here?

Rick: You are… generate key. Okay so obtain… go to manage licenses and Anatomie Wear, copy that key and then detach it from the site.

Member: Copy and do what with it?

Rick: Yeah and now detach it… detach key from the site.

Member: Oh okay.

Rick: Okay now manually enter the key and apply it to the site. The site has been successfully licensed. Okay so close that and then check for updates now. Okay, do the update now. Okay so it’s been successfully reactivated. Let’s go down to Backup Buddy and yeah, backup and restore. Just hit refresh. Okay, go back one. Go to return to plugins page. Now go down to Backup Buddy and backup. Okay and so we’ve got our database backed up so go back to complete backup.

Member: Backup here?

Rick: No, it’s right up there, right above you actually. Yeah, complete backup.

Member: I’ve never seen that screen.

Rick: No, it’s changed. We updated to the new big version and it has changed. Okay, so far it’s working. It’s also a little faster than the older version was.

Member: Yeah, I can tell.

Rick: This will probably be a little smaller than the other ones as well just because we excluded directories.

Member: Okay.

Rick: I don’t want you to leave this screen. I want to see it come to completion here.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Okay, there we go.

Member: It’s very small. It’s 370.

Rick: Yeah okay so we succeeded in doing that. Go to the files export. Click on files export. Oh pardon me, I’m sorry. Go back down to… go to backup down there at the bottom on the Backup Buddy again, one more up. Or maybe you’ll migrate your story up, click on that. And then download the Import Buddy…

Member: Here?

Rick: Yeah. Okay, there you go. You got it. So now let’s throw caution to the wind. Let’s upgrade Shopp.

Member: Are you serious?

Rick: Absolutely. Down under Plugins. You just can’t be afraid of doing it. You just have to keep getting back on the horse here and now you got me to fix it. So hit upgrade automatically.

Member: I’m closing my eyes.

Rick: That’s okay. Download failed, bad request. Okay, return to plugins page and try it one more time.

Member: Wait, this is what happened before and then all hell broke loose.

Rick: Well okay, let’s just go back down there and try it one more time. Down to Shopp…

Member: I mean, when it happened, 6 weeks.. whatever and when I did that, it gave it an error. I remember it was late at night. I’m like, “Whatever. I’ll go on to bed.” I went to bed and then the next day, nothing worked. All the code was gone. It was just a mess.

Rick: Okay well push it again. Okay, let’s go ahead and take a look at your site and see if anything’s been messed up. Yeah, we’re corrently down for maintenance. Okay so let’s go back to the dashboard and go click on Shopp.

Member: Here?

Rick: Yeah, just click on that. Okay, let’s see, click continue, go ahead. Oh let’s see, Shopp plugin integrations, highly recommended that you have Shopp plugin active. That’s fine. Plugin is deactivated. Scroll down to the bottom, down to Shopp again and let’s reactivate it. Actually, let’s look at it first before we reactivate it. Okay, let’s see… Shop 1.2.1, hit activate. Okay, go back to Shopp, click on the Shopp button again or on the left there.

Member: Okay. Ddi I click wrong?

Rick: No, you got it. So go down to catalog for a second. Okay, go down to setup. Okay, let’s go look at the front side of your site.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Okay.

Member: So what was it we just did there?

Rick: Well, go back to the… we didn’t do anything necessarily. Go back to the… I want to see whether or not we’re using the latest version of Shopp or not. I can’t, actually, at the moment, tell whether or not we are using 1.2.1 or 1.2.3.

Member: Do I go here?

Rick: Yeah because theoretically, we should still only be at 1.2.1. Yeah okay so let’s go to Shopp. This is the Shopp… this is the plugin site and let’s download it.

Member: Open another tab or what?

Rick: Yeah, you could right click on visit plugins site and…

Member: Where is that?

Rick: Just right above that and log in to it and let’s download a copy of it again. Right there, yeah. It’s probably a different username. There you go. Okay so go to downloads and download the Shopp core.

Member: So it’s going to download a Shopp zip, right?

Rick: Right. Okay so let’s go back to your dashboard and let’s deactivate Shopp.

Member: I’ll try to… go backward here right?

Rick: I don’t know. Yeah, I suppose, yeah.

Member: I’ll go back. Go right now to plugins?

Rick: Yeah, go down to plugins and let’s deactivate both Shopp toolbox and Shopp. So click them all so you could put a check box in the Shopp and a checkbox for assign affiliate integration and Facebook integration and each one of those. Put a checkbox beside each of those and then scroll down to the bottom or at the top and say deactivate. Okay now, open up Filezilla.

Member: I haven’t done this a while.

Rick: Just the… there you go. Okay, open up wp content.

Member: Over here?

Rick: Doesn’t matter, yeah. And then plugins and then scroll down, I want to see Shopp down there. Okay so let’s expand or extract that… the new copy of Shopp on your hard drive under users/mark/documents/Sly as a fox 2011/websites/

Member: How do I do that? Up here?

Rick: Well, you’re not going to be able to do it from here. You’re going to have to do it in Windows Exploring. But I want it to show up on the left now, is what I want. I want it to show up expanded on the left.

Member: So how do I do that? Minimize this?

Rick: So open up Windows Exploring…

Member: In here?

Rick: Yeah, that’s fine. Actually, it’s that little yellow file folders there beside… yeah, that’s it there. That’s Windows Exploring or Windows Explorer or whatever and then go to downloads and then find that new zip file.

Member: This guy?

Rick: Yeah and right click on it, say extract to or extract all, I guess, and then browse to where you’re… the right places so Mark and Sly as a Fox. So expand the Mark and then you’re looking for… yeah okay, My Documents.

Member: Now I’m lost. So where…

Rick: Well no, it’s not in Anatomie Wear.

Member: Okay.

Rick: I thought it was Anatomie…

Member: Oh no, it’s… okay, the website itself is in there. Yeah, he had me create a folder… called websites or something.

Rick: Okay, well let’s go find that then. Yeah, there’s websites and there’s… expand WordPress and then plugins and say okay.

Member: Okay, you had me lost now…

Rick: Well, all you’re doing is… the thing is that you’re… you need to expand this plugin or extract the zip file to the place on your hard drive that you’re storing these things. And you’re storing it under websites,, WordPress, wp content, plugins. So go ahead and say extract. It doesn’t matter where you extract it to as long as it’s the place where you are you know, storing a local copy of your… of those website files.

Member: So I just had to teach myself if I… if Filezilla closes on me. I used Dreamweaver for so long.

Rick: Okay so now, go back to Filezilla and refresh it. There’s a little refresh button up there some place.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Yours looks totally different than mine does. Click on wp content above, up there you know, where it says wp content, click on that. Now click on plugins again.

Member: Here?

Rick: Yeah okay. Now, go down and click on Shopp, right click on Shopp.

Member: Over here?

Rick: No, on the left hand side where you can see Shopp right in front of your right now.

Member: Oh, I’m sorry.

Rick: Right click on that and say upload and then say overwrite, always use this action.

Member: Right here?

Rick: Yeah. Say okay. Now we’re just going to let it upload those files here and overwrite all the old files. And I promise, I won’t go have a cocktail if this fails.

Member: I don’t even remember what we’re fixing now.

Rick: We’re just… we’re tying to get one to point… we are now doing… what we are doing is a manual installation of the Shopp update because the automatic installation failed.

Member: Agree to whatever it is, right?

Rick: Right. Automatic upgrade failed so now we’re doing a manual upgrade.

Member: Now, is that common? The automatic things failing or just…

Rick: Well, it’s common enough that you need to be comfortable doing manual upgrades. You know, there didn’t use to be such a thing as automatic upgrades. And for some commercial plugins, there aren’t. We still have to do manual upgrades. And then what we’ll do is we’ll activate Shopp and it’ll go through that upgrade process again and we’ll say we got to update the database. It was giving you a message like that that… okay so now let’s go back to your dashboard.

Member: Here?

Rick: Yeah and scroll down to Shopp only and say activate. Okay, go click on the Shopp button there on the left.

Member: Oh.

Rick: There you go. So let’s go back to the plugins and let’s reactivate all the rest of your Shopp-related plugins.

Member: So that was just a bug in the old version that didn’t show it?

Rick: Probably. Or a bug in the old version that was not active… editing it right or whatever. Go back to Shopp again.

Member: Okay, cool.

Rick: But let’s just go look and make sure that all the functioning is working properly.

Member: Here on the page?

Rick: Yeah. Let’s just look and see. Okay.

Member: I couldn’t test it so much…

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