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How to Manually Upgrade Shopp When the Auto Upgrade Fails

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In this session we show how to manually upgrade Shopp when the auto upgrade fails. We demonstrate how to extract the files in zip format, upload the extracted files and activating the newer version of Shopp.

Video Transcript

Rick: Okay so…

Member: So for last week, we tabled a Shopp question and you were going to do some research and you told me to upgrade to the 1.2.1?

Rick: Yeah.

Member: Well, I’m having a hard time upgrading so I need a little help there too if I could maybe share the screen.

Rick: Okay, you got it.

Member: Alright, thanks. Alright so I tried to upgrade Shopp from you know, from here…

Rick: Auto upgrade?

Member: Yeah and it failed. So I went…

Rick: What did that failure look like?

Member: It just said failed. I mean…

Rick: Okay.

Member: And I don’t think it had much more… it didn’t let me. I know a lot of times, you have me do it manually so here, I went to this Shopp support and it told me how to do it. And so I did that.

Rick: Okay.

Member: And so I extracted the files to the desktop and I kept it in a zip format which you’ve taught me. And I deactivated Shopp and then I went in to Filezilla and I moved the old Shopp into… they told me to put it into WP content.

Rick: Hang on just a second. Move the old Shopp, install, out of WP content directory… okay. This preserves the old files. Upload the new files to your host using FTP, okay.

Member: And then it says to reactivate Shopp. So looking here now at Filezilla, I thought I was doing well and so I took Shopp here in its zip format…

Rick: Yeah. When you do it this way, when they say extract the files, they mean unzip that and upload the extracted files there. That’s what the issue here is. So go ahead and do that. Just go ahead and unzip that.

Member: Okay. Do you want me to clean up what I’ve done? I’ve already put those in those folders so should I see down here?

Rick: I’m just looking over at the right hand side right now under WP content and the remote site. you’ve got a Shopp zip file there. Now you could… is this…I’m sorry, refresh my memory. Is this Bluehost or GoDaddy or…

Member: GoDaddy.

Rick: Okay, you could actually just open that up… open up your GoDaddy control panel and unzip it from there which is probably the best thing to do, now. Since you already have it uploaded there, let’s just go log in to GoDaddy and let’s unzip it from GoDaddy, within GoDaddy.

Rick: You know, the interesting little challenge here is that sometimes with large, complex plugins you know, the individual file upload thing doesn’t always work 100% of the time. We have one member who is having a hard time with that with Simple Press forum. And this is a way for being that problem by essentially uploading the file to your hosting account as a zip file and then inside the zip file, unzipping it which means that the individual files don’t get uploaded individually. They all get uploaded together in a block.

Member: Okay so this is maybe a little better way to do it?

Rick: Well, it’s not necessarily a better way to do it but since you’ve already got the zip file there…

Member: Okay.

Rick: And it’s a way to resolve issues that are caused by failures in the FTP process because they do actually happen. I’ve discovered quite by accident that an upgrade that I did to WP eStore on my site didn’t entirely work properly. And it’s not fool-proof and I’ve had intermittent failures ever since that happened that I didn’t try WP eStore. And so I’m trying to solve this problem on a bunch of other different levels. Let’s see, where is your… yeah so open up the WP content folder there.

Member: Okay, I opened it, right? I’m in, I’m going in.

Rick: Okay so select plugins because it’s not showing up on the right yet. Select plugins on the left.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Okay now plugins are going to show up on the right. Now, find your zip file at and put a check mark beside it. And then some place up here there is an uncompressed…

Member: An archive?

Rick: Yeah, an archive, right. That’s it. And that’s fine. Well, you don’t have an existing file. You don’t have to worry about it. Just say okay to that.

Member: Alright.

Rick: Okay so now let’s go to the dashboard on your site and let’s activate it.

Member: Okay… say go, have that opened somewhere, I thought.

Rick: So when this gets posted as a live answer, it’s not actually going to be called you know, “how to upgrade Shopp.” It’s really going to be called “how to deal with issues with failure in FTP” because that’s what’s really the critical thing here.

Member: Alright, yeah. I think it’s tough enough when things work right but then you got to factor in that something that’s supposed to work doesn’t.

Rick: You know, I’ve been banging my head against the wall for 2 months on this thing too because it coincided with transferring my site to a new host. And I did have some very short term problems associated with having my Google apps accounts being routed by the new host. So I had some email problems specifically related to moving to the host in the first place. And then coincident with this was my problem with WP eStore which also had an email… which exhibited itself as an email failure. And so I’ve been trying to solve this with Google apps and with…

Member: And then your server blew up too, didn’t it?

Rick: Oh it’s a different server. It’s my office file server.

Member: Oh alright. So did you move away from Bluehost? Because you know, one of my questions I want to post is that my site is extremely slow and I’ve been reading a lot of stuff on the internet that maybe GoDaddy isn’t the greatest place to host your website especially with the ecommerce stuff. So did you move away from Bluehost or you’re still at Bluehost?

Rick: Well, go ahead and activate this.

Member: Alright.

Rick: I am… lots of my stuff is at Bluehost. is being hosted on a private server, being managed by an individual.

Member: I see so high dollar stuff, okay.

Rick: Yeah.

Member: Alright, gotcha.

Rick: Yeah, I think I pay $180 a month or something for hosting for BYOB Website.

Member: Okay. But do you still think Bluehost is a good choice?

Rick: Absolutely, yeah.

Member: Okay, good. Alright. Okay well good, looks like we activated.

Rick: Okay so let’s go into Shopp now and see if it looks okay.

Member: Now I did read something else on the Shopp support that some of those edits we made to the template, unless we did it strictly their way that we would lose that customization.

Rick: Well, you can try it. I mean, let’s just see.

Member: I thought we’d go peek at it and see if it’s still there.

Rick: Sure.

Member: Okay, do I need to go through this?

Rick: Well, just go ahead and say continue to Shopp. What it does is it shows you this every time you reactivate Shopp.

Member: Alright.

Rick: I doubt that anything that we’ve done is going to be affected by this upgrade. But we’ll see.

Member: Oh good. Okay. Save changes?

Rick: Oh no, it looks like it’s fine there so what else did you want to look at?

Member: Okay so back to that template on…

Rick: What was it that wasn’t working that we were… that was sort of inexplicable here?

Member: Yeah, it had just a funny little box on one of the checkout screens that you thought it should be gone but it remained.

Rick: Okay.

Member: I’ll try to duplicate it here, okay? Just look how slow this thing is, gosh. I don’t know why anybody would buy something from me. It takes too long.

Rick: Well, it… GoDaddy is not a place to go if you want a fast website because GoDaddy makes its money by putting lots and lots and lots and lots of people together in the same server.

Member: Yeah right.

Rick: And it’s helpful that you have your own unique IP address and all that kind of stuff. That does help but really, if you want a faster server then GoDaddy but you still want cheap hosting then I think your best option is probably Bluehost. But if you want a faster server then you want to go look for probably a virtual private server or something like that.

Member: Kind of like what you did?

Rick: Well, kind of like what I did except you’d probably don’t have you know, 28,000 visits a month. So you don’t need the same kind of…

Member: Performance?

Rick: Yeah.

Member: Okay. Do you have updated videos on switching hosts since you had a few problems of your own?

Rick: No, I don’t.

Member: Okay. Is there one out there that talks about switching hosts at all?

Rick: No, I don’t think there is so it’s something you could figure out but… so far, it’s looking right.

Member: Yeah, it looks good. Yeah, at least the two changes we made. They’re still there.

Rick: Right. Okay, it was a category thing then wasn’t it? When you were back?

Member: Yeah.

Rick: We didn’t have…

Member: I think it’s one more step here.

Rick: Okay.

Member: You know, I think we’re really living right this morning. I think the upgrade actually fixed it.

Rick: That’s good. That’s right.

Member: I think it was right here, Rick. Yeah.

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