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How to Modify the Comments Number in Agility

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In this session we show how to modify the style and position of the comments number in the Agility home post box and show how to drag and drop boxes to position them on the post.

Video Transcript

Rick:  Your 4th question about changing the comment box to be a number by the title…

Member:  Yeah.

Rick:  Actually, maybe I didn’t understand that question here. So…

Member:  But you know, in the old Thesis where you used to have at the top like how many comments you have, it never had it in the bottom. It was not as boxy. The one in the Responsive theme is boxy.

Rick:  Oh well, that’s just the way I designed it. So of course, you can move it around. I mean, if you wanted to put… if you wanted to just add that to this… to the byline here essentially, it doesn’t have to be a… well, it is a link but it doesn’t have to have a box like this around it. And to do that, you would simply come over here to HTML and open up… we’ll see, not… yeah, I suppose it… yes, it would do those on the homepage.

So you open up the content column and then the homepage post box and then the post footer. And then we just take this home post box number of comments and we’re going to drag it up into the post heading. Drag it up to post heading, drag it down below the rest of those things and then let’s just see what we’ve got. Yeah, let’s just save that template and see how that turns out.

Yeah, so there it is, one comment. 0 comments.

Member:  Oh okay. Can you move the Read More too?

Rick:  Sure, if you don’t want the Read More there, absolutely. I mean, that’s the thing about Thesis 2 is that all these stuff is just drag and drop. I’ve created a specific style by using these Thesis boxes and doing that. But you can… you don’t have to use a post footer. You can move it someplace else. Where would you put it?

Member:  Well, it’s just that I’m trying… I just find that with the boxes, especially with my dark green, it’s like so blaring. So I’m trying to… you know how have that …? I have originally, in Thesis 1.85, it was like you know, Read on or something that was just you know…

Rick:  Sure. Oh no, absolutely. And so you can definitely do that. All you’d have to do is take this Read More link and drag it up again out of the post footer. And in fact, you’d probably get rid of the post footer. The post footer is the thing that is giving the style anyway. So you just drag that out…

Member:  Oh so you could use the post footer to create like your own author’s… I know you have things for authors and descriptions in there because when I had originally 1.85, I had to code a author box in the bottom that said like you know, I did so and so many posts. And if you want to connect it to Twitter and all that stuff. It was all coded in CSS and the custom php. So can I use the footer, that post footer to create the box I no longer have in the single?

Rick:  And you want it below… sure you could, of course.

Member:  But not on the homepage but in this single.

Rick:  Yes, absolutely.

Member:  Okay so the post footer’s the box. Okay, I got it.

Rick:  The post footer was just a wrapper that wrapped around the stuff that was below here. It’s all it is. It’s just a wrapper. And I gave it a class which would make these, the Read More and the 1 comment make them look like buttons. But it’s not you know, absolutely… I mean, obviously, you can just move it around just like that.

Member:  Okay so you can’t put the Read More on the same line as the excerpt because it would… that would have to be coded, right?

Rick:  Yeah actually, you would have to code… you would have to add custom code in order to change this into a Read More link . And there’s no way to get the Read More… yeah, the post excerpt definitely is… it is already well wrapped. And so there’s no way to get the Read More link into it, in the inside of that. But I mean, you can get right below it and…

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