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How to Place Images Next to Text in the WordPress Editor

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In this session we demonstrate how to place images next to text in the WordPress editor and assign it a left or right alignment.

Video Transcript

Member: Okay, well then that kind of gets down to another question that I have that’s sort of like when I put the like the wine label and then I wanted to write something about the wine, and every time I did that it puts the picture to the left but all the writing ends up below it and I’d like to have the picture on the left then all the writing right to the right. See, I’d like to be but eventually, I’m at bottleshop and then I’m going to have it for purchase it but I’d like it to be next to it because I feel like people have to go too far down.

Rick: Are you a vintner?

Member: Yeah.

Rick: Cool. Where are you, Sonoma County?

Member: Napa.

Rick: Okay. So, that depends on how you place the image when you place the image. So again, if we’re here and let’s just delete that. Well in fact, let’s take your Viognier text and we’ll place it all there so you got the Viognier text in here and now, you want to add the image to the left and have the text on the right so you click on your Add Media and you find an image, 640 is going to be too big let’s see. I need something that, oh yeah okay, let’s just pretend that’s right. So I’m going to insert this image and in this case now, you select the alignment and you say, left.

Now, with the left alignment and this image shouldn’t link to anything so it should be None and insert that in with the link to the left and that’s what it does, is it sticks it there to the side. Well, this is not a good page to do it on because this page is a private page but if we go to a different page, well in fact, this is exactly what I’m doing here, right where I’ve left aligned each of these images and when you view the page, the text is on the left and I…

Member: Because I think, I’m sorry..

Rick: Go ahead.

Member: I think the difference between you just did and what I just did was doing wrong probably is that, when you uploaded the image, before you put that image there, you put it on that as part in. What I was doing was going up to the very top of the page and say align left and then it would just sort of aligning the picture left and then everything come up below it so that’s sort of maybe it’s too late to align it left at that point. That make sense?

Rick: Yes, that would be too late to align it left at that point. The place to align the image to the left is when you are inserting it.

Member: Okay, yeah. That makes sense.

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