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How to Prevent the Display of a Widget on a Specific Page

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In this session a member asks how to prevent his Autoresponder form that sits on a sidebar from appearing on his “thank you” page. We show how to solve this issue by installing and using a plugin called “Display Widgets” which allows you to show or hide widgets on any page that you choose.

Video Transcript

Rick: Okay and so let’s see, let’s get back to Ken here. Ken, I’m going to check to see… Ken, do you have a microphone that’s working at the moment?

Ken: Alright Rick, I think we’re good to go.

Rick: Absolutely perfect. Okay so tell me what you need to accomplish.

Ken: Well, what I’m trying to do is I’ve set up a site which I did go ahead and send it over to you but what I’ve done is I’ve got a Thank You page and on that Thank You page, I still have the auto responder form. Since the client has already gone in to the auto responder, I thought it was redundant to have them also see the request for email in their Thank You page.

Rick: And you’re talking about this one right here?

Ken: Yes, sir. Exactly.

Rick: Okay so this sits inside of a sidebar, right?

Ken: Correct.

Rick: This isn’t a text widget in a sidebar, okay.

Ken: That is exactly right.

Rick: So the way to do that is to use… that’s a very pretty one by the way. Did you make that one yourself or is that a stock one…

Ken: It was over on AWeber.

Rick: Really? Boy, that’s a very… I like that very much.

Ken: Thank you.

Rick: Anyway, the way you would do that is you would install a plugin called Display Widgets. And let’s see if I’ve got that installed on this or not, Installed Plugins. No, so let’s just go ahead and install it. So we’ll add a new plugin and it’s called Display Widgets and we’ll install it. This is the version 1.1.9 by Stephanie Wells.

Okay and now that you’ve installed it, if you go over to your widgets panel and look at the widgets you have installed, let’s see, I’ve got this one called Subscriptions installed here. If you open it up… oh where did I just install this thing? Oh isn’t that interesting? It doesn’t work on this widget in particular. It will however, work just fine on say for example, you use a text widget right?

Ken: Yes sir.

Rick: So you know, we’ll just pretend that this is my form, my sign up form. Okay and what you’ll do here is you will select… what happens is that Display Widgets adds this to the bottom of your widgets. And so what you would do since you want it to show up on all pages except this one, you would pick the height on checked and scroll down here for… and find the page you want it not to show up on. So I’m going to say I don’t want this to show up on my Demo 6 page, let’s say that and hit save.

Now if I come back over to… let’s see, let’s go to Pages and go to Demo 6 and let’s make sure we have sidebars that show up and say update and then view this page. It’s not showing up here. Now if we were to go to Demo 1… oh Demo 1 is also a no sidebars page. On Demo 1, this has… pretend this is my sign up form, right? So you’ve got this… this would be your sign up form on the page that you… where you want it and then if you go to Demo 6, the page that you didn’t want it, it’s not there.

Ken: Oh boy.

Rick: Okay? Now this essentially has 2 working modes. It has Hide unchecked or Show unchecked. So if you only want it to show on a specific page, you would use Show unchecked, right? So it’s not going to show up on any page except the ones that you’ve checked. If you have Hide unchecked, it’s going to show up on every page except the ones that you’ve checked.

Ken: Very simple then, isn’t it? That’s a great explanation and something somebody like me and handle and take care of. I appreciate that.

Rick: You’re welcome. So do you need anything else?

Ken: No sir. You’ve done great. This is my first occasion to be part of this and I’m very encouraged and excited. So thank you very much.

Rick: Well, I’m glad you were able to be here today and I’m glad we were able to connect up on this question so you have a great day.

Ken: Thank you, Rick.

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