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How to Provide a Link to Download a Video

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In this session we demonstrate how to provide a link to download a video stored on Vimeo and setup its privacy setting. We also discuss how to use S3FlowShield to generate secure a URL and to communicate with Amazon S3 if the video is stored there.

For more information on hosting and delivering video watch Lesson 9 Deliver Your Video Content and Lesson 10 Setup Secure Content Delivery.

Video Transcript

Member:  On your site, the videos that you post, you have a link underneath it. And then it says “To download this video, right click on the video and then select save as a save link…” you know…

Rick:  This one right here?

Member:  How do you do… let me just minimize my screen a minute. Yeah, like that one there. How do you do that?

Rick: It’s a good question, actually. Let’s just edit this and see. I can tell by looking at my code but I’ve done so much work on the site lately that… okay so my download… yeah okay, it is. So I use S3 FlowShield to generate a secure URL and to communicate with Amazon S3 which is where the video is stored. So the product is S3 FlowShield and it’s the same thing that plays my videos. Now if all you want is secure download ability then you know, you’re probably… are people purchasing that or…

Member:  No, no. It’s… they’re actually free videos and…

Rick:  Well, all you have to do is put a link to where they reside then.

Member:  Okay. Now if they’re on Vimeo, they would actually have to have a Vimeo account, I believe.

Rick:  I don’t think so. If you’re sitting on your site, as long as in Vimeo, you’ve made them downloadable, you’ve set in your settings that people can download the video then they can just… I think there’s a little dialogue there that allows downloading. Is that where the videos are, at Vimeo?

Member:  It is.

Rick:  And you just want them to be able to download the video?

Member:  Correct.

Rick:  Now generally, what we do is… let’s go to one by Portfolios. Albums is what I really meant. Look at that, 1,383 videos. Wow. Okay, My Albums. So this is the one we just finished and if we look at this video and let’s see… and settings, now this is not a free account. This is a commercial account so I do have controls that you might not have if you’re using a free account. But in terms of privacy settings, what can people do with this video, if you click download, I think there’s a download button when they view it.

Member:  Okay, let me try that. Something led me to believe that people have to sign up for a Vimeo account in order to download. It was something I read on Vimeo once. And they could sign up for a free account if they wanted to.

Rick:  Well, you can store the video someplace else with a download link. You know, the place I would store it would be Amazon S3. But you could always store it someplace else and have the video sitting there for them to watch. But if they want to download it, they can click on the link and it would download the original video. If you download a video from Vimeo, it’s their optimized version. It’s not the original version.

Member:  Right. To be honest with you, when I looked at the S3, the price and structure looks so complex, I didn’t understand it.

Rick:  Well okay, I host… I have 1,387 some odd videos sitting there. We had almost 30,000 visits to the site this month and I don’t know how many video plays. But… plus I back up all kinds of stuff there. My bill this month was $28.

Member:  Oh, we’re talking inexpensive then.

Rick:  It’s very inexpensive. Let’s just see, Amazon AWS. Okay, here you go. You can see it live. My Amazon bill for this month was $28.16.

Member:  That’s not a lot of money at all.

Rick:  No, it’s not.

Member:  I’m not going to have that kind of volume.

Rick:  Yeah, absolutely. It’s going to be… it’s undoubtedly going to be so small, you’ll wonder how they make any money billing you for amounts that small. So yeah, I know, it’s a very inexpensive method of storage. I would consider doing that. Were you in the session this morning?

Member:   I was not, no.

Rick:  Okay well, the one problem you’ll have with downloading video, of course, is that your player’s going to want to try and play it. I mean, when somebody… although I suppose if you do the right click on this and download, that will work. That will force download rather than playing.

Member:  Okay well, let me investigate that. That looks like a real viable option.

Rick:  Yeah, it doesn’t have any impact on your server. All the load is off someplace else. I think it’s definitely the way to handle files like that.

Member:  Did you use Vimeo initially for that? When you started out or something because it seems to me that some of your videos are with Vimeo.

Rick:  Well, if you… all of my videos are Vimeo if you’re at my site with a mobile device. And if you’re not at my site with a mobile device, I do have a bunch of videos on the site that are Vimeo videos no matter what. But mostly, I use Vimeo for mobile video because the other video player I use won’t work in mobile so I switch to the video for mobile. I do have a handful of videos on the site that are on Vimeo.

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