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How to Remove Comments from Pages in Thesis

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We demonstrate how to remove the “Leave a Comment” block from pages in Thesis. We use Thesis Design Options to accomplish this task.

Video Transcript

And before I dive right into this, what I want to do is to demonstrate how to remove comments from pages. I have… you can see here you know, I’ve got this comment block at the bottom of my custom catalog page and really, I don’t want the comment block there because there’s not going to be any reason to comment on the catalog. In fact, I really only want comments on the posts themselves or on the books themselves so I am going to dump that here in… so I’m going to get rid of that.

So the way we do that is to go to our dashboard and then come down to settings. Actually, it’s not in settings, pardon me. Go to Thesis Design Options and then Display Options, comments and we select disable comments on all pages. And then if comments are closed, display a message. We don’t want that either, so we’ll just turn that off and hit save.

And now, when we go to our page… custom catalog page, the comments are gone and now we have a nice blank page to work off of.

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