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How to Remove Pages From Your List of Pages in the Thesis Nav Menu

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In this session we show how to remove pages in the Thesis Nav Menu by moving them to trash. Moving a page to the trash does not necessarily delete it; that happens when you empty your trash.

Video Transcript

One silly question is just I noticed you had it, like you showed us some pages of your like navigation menu and you had several that you weren’t using but they were still there. And I have a few like that. Is it possible to get rid of those things completely?

I’m not sure what you mean.

Well, in the Thesis Options and I think it’s either Design Options or Site or something… under navigation…

Oh that’s Thesis Site Options, yup. No, the way that works that it’s showing you every single page and there’s no way to change that behavior. It’s going to show you every page then you can pick the pages that you want out of every page. If you want to simplify that a little better, simplify that view a little bit, you could switch to the WP or the WordPress menu system. You still are going to pick your pages from every single page but it condenses into a little tiny list. You know, I have… let’s see, on my site… oh no, this is not my site, pardon me.

Because I made a few pages in there, they’re just in there. I’ve never used them and just…

Well, you can delete those things. You can move them inside of pages, go to All Pages. If there’s something that you want to get rid of, say this Lesson list test. Okay, you can move it to the Trash and now moving it to Trash doesn’t actually remove it from the list in Thesis. However, if you empty your Trash, it will.

So if you go back over to your Trash then and you say empty Trash and then those pages are permanently deleted then they’ll no longer show up in your page list in the navigation menu setup. Trash is an intermediate stepping point essentially for deletion. So you can move stuff to Trash so you’re not actually looking at it in your published list but maybe, you want to go back and recover it. But if you know you don’t want to recover it then emptying your Trash is the way to deal with that. And once you’ve emptied your Trash, it’s never going to show up in any of your page lists.


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