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How to Remove the Sort Drop Down in Shopp

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In this session we show how to remove the sort drop down menu in Shopp. We do this in the category template by deleting the code for it in category.php.

Video Transcript

Rick: Okay, I figured out a couple of things. One of the things I figured out was that this is not a bug. It actually happens everywhere, whether you’ve got one product or not, as irritating as that.

Member: Can we kill that?

Rick: Absolutely, we can. Now you don’t want to… do you want to kill it period or do youw ant o kill it for just that there’s only one product in the category?

Member: No, I think period. I don’t… I’m never going to be one that has like you know, 75 t-shirts in one category. So I’d assume it would go away period.

Rick: Okay so we want to… oh, it doesn’t even have the custom one anymore. Okay sure, we can kill it period and the way we kill it period, that’s even easier. I mean, I figured out how to ask the question if it only has the one product.

Member: You know you came up with the formula. Yeah, I’m sorry. I tried to put that in when I registered that I’ve decided just to completely kill it.

Rick: Okay, no problem. So to completely kill it, let’s open up that theme, the category template then. Open file, let’s see… that category template is under here, is that right?

Member: I think you open Netbeans… oh okay.

Rick: I am in Netbeans.

Member: Oh you are? Okay.

Rick: Yeah. Category… s ohere’s the one we fooled around with this morning.

Member: Yeah, you modified it.

Rick: If it has categories then display. Otherwise, it’s not going to display it.

Member: Yeah and that works well.

Rick: Well you know, it’s really as simple as taking that and deleting it.

Member: Okay good.

Rick: Saving it and then switching to your site. Coming back over here and refreshing it. It’s going to be gone now.

Member: You saved all the content, that’s good.

Rick: Well you know, when you tell something to go away, it should go away.

Member: You’re on a roll. That’s good.

Rick: Yeah.

Member: Well, that’s awesome.

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