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How to Remove Unwanted Ads from Your Website

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In this session we show how to remove unwanted ads from your website caused by the malwares in the browser. We show how to disable some extensions that caused the problem and uninstall them in the control panel to avoid letting them reinstall themselves.

Video Transcript

Member: Okay what happens is this is somehow… I’m running a bitware to check alpha viruses and for malware and all of it.

Rick: Uhuh.

Member: And it’s coming up clean but somehow I’m dealing some Ad code this inside of my body. Guess I, she  now coded and I don’t know how he got there?

Rick: Can you show it to me?

Member: When I click debug it disappears. Wish I could find it let me refresh this and see if it gets to show up again. Refreshing the page now I have a slow connection here. Look here I’ve a seat here would you know it it’s not showing up. Let’s just try it over here.

Rick: Well no, there’s an API for Jolly Wallet down at the very bottom.

Member: Oh.

Rick: So scroll down and show it to me.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Waiting for ib…you’re waiting for a lot of stuff.

Member: Let me, oh here it is right here. This thing right here.

Rick: …top cash offers.

Member: Yeah, this war thunder you see it? The planes popping up in a such?

Rick: Yup.

Member: It doesn’t pop up on the site when the site is live but when I’m editing I get all of these. It says Ad by LyricsParty?

Rick: Yeah, I think what you really have is some malware in your browser. So why don’t you  go to the Firefox button up there in the upper left hand corner and click on the Firefox;  upper left.

Member: Okay, it disappears when you click on Firefox?

Rick: Well, click on Firefox.

Member: See now I get this error over here that says…okay here’s the Firefox button.

Rick: Okay, and then go to Add-Ons.

Member: Okay Add-Ons.

Rick: And then click on Extensions.

Member: Okay, Extensions.

Rick: Okay, so now you have the LyricsParty which you should disable. TopArcadeHits…

Member: Oh, this guy over here. Oh, I didn’t know where it was?

Rick: Yup, disable that. There’s LyricsParty disable that one.

Member: Okay, disable. I should remove it. Remove it?

Rick: Yeah.

Member: I don’t want it. I’ll remove it.

Rick: Iminent Minibar, disable that one.

Member: Okay, yeah. I didn’t know where these were?

Rick: Feven 1.7, remove.

Member: Okay, remove; wow.

Rick: Trusted Saver, remove.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Updated Ad Blocker for Firefox it’s actually the opposite of what it does…(laughs).

Member: Okay (laughs).

Rick: And let’s see, is that the end of them?

Member: That looks to be about it. I don’t know the bling, okay. Right right, let’s see here InternetHelper? I don’t know what that one is, near the bottom.

Rick: Ah, remove that one.

Member: Okay and then let me see what else do we got here. That’s all that is showing so far is being, that was abled.

Rick: Okay, so now before you’d do anything go to your Control Panel click on your Start button. Go to Control Panel .

Member: Okay here’s the Control Panel.

Rick: And then go to Programs…

Member: Okay.

Rick: cause these guys also install themselves in Windows.

Member: Wow, okay.

Rick: So, they will reinstall themselves in your other stuff.

Member: If you don’t take them out of here?

Rick: Right, and so now what you’re looking for is… now let’s see scroll down.

Member: Okay still loading up the other Programs at the top here.

Rick: So scroll down further, okay.

Member: I see LyricsParty right here.

Rick: Yup, so those are the things; you want to use this to get rid of them. KeyBar 1.12, JBidwatcher…

Member: Okay.

Rick: InternetHelper.

Member: Okay, I’ve removed them waiting to finish one before. Okay, I see. I did not know that there’s stuff in here.

Rick: Right, yup.

Member: That was driving me crazy. I see the spam blocker should catch it and it is like no.

Rick: It is not catching it because you’ve…because it has loaded itself and then made itself and exception to the spam blocker and all the rest of that stuff.

Member: Okay, I’ll get you those…I’ll knock them off when it finishes these up. I’ll do that offline I don’t want to eat up your time here.

Rick: Okay, well that gets rid of everything. You just look through those things and get rid of those.

Member: Cool, okay…what is this here?

Rick: Uninstall using the recommended settings go ahead and click on it.

Member: Okay, I’ll go back and find the rest of them.

Rick: Uhuh.

Member: Am, they’re still here I just listed they’re just not enabled here okay.

Rick: Well, once they are deleted and you restart Firefox they shouldn’t show up. But you don’t want to restart Firefox until after you have gotten in there and deleted all of them out of your Windows Programs. Because they’ll just re install themselves again.

Member: I will would definitely be removing those, yeah okay then I will. I would be getting rid of those guys.

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