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How to Set the Color for the MultiMedia Box

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In this session, a member wants to change the color of the multimedia box on her website. We show how to do that by simply going in to the Thesis Design Options and setting the color options under MultiMedia Box.

Video Transcript

I’m trying to get rid of that. I’m not quite sure how that orange color even came into play. I’m really green at this so I’m kind of learning as I go. I actually was hoping it would be the same color as the grey background under… where the Contact Us is.

Oh so this is the multimedia box? Is that what that is?

I think so, yeah. I was following your tutorial on how to get text over there and I had put that in and didn’t plan on it being orange and that was my task of the day, trying to figure out how it got orange and how to change it back.

Okay well, there’s a background color that’s been specified for this. You know, it might have been automatically specified by Thesis. Let’s just see.

I think it was. I just started digging into it…

Yeah, it’s in layout CSS so I’m not sure… this must be something that you’ve set over here in Design Options. Let’s just go over here in Design Options for a quick moment. If we look under Design Options and then under Multimedia Box and let’s say you’ve got custom code…oh here it is. I’m sorry, this is the place for text color, image box background color, video box background color, custom box background color and this is the place where it’s… where that color has been specified. And you can go back to just eee there and it should… it will give you back that grey color.


Okay so that’s under Fonts, Colors, and More, Multimedia Box, Custom Box Background Color.

Just under the Appearance?

It’s yeah, it’s under Thesis Design Options.

Yeah, that was… oh I see. Yup, you’re right. It is changed. I thought I had it back regular but… okay. That’s easy enough. That’s a simple fix.

Yes it is.


Okay well, have a great day.

Thank you so much. Take care, Rick.

You betcha, bye bye.


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