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How to Set the Number of Posts that are Displayed on the Blog in Thesis 2.1

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In this session we demonstrate how to set the number of posts that are displayed on the blog in Thesis 2.1 from the template settings. We go to the Skin Editor then the Home Template and under WP Loop we set the number of posts to show.

Video Transcript

Member: As you can see the three excerpts only while I have 5 posts. I think I put in the general settings in WordPress 10 posts for 4 page but it just shows 3.

Rick: Sure. So here’s how you set that. You do that from the template settings so we’ll go to skin editor and then the home template and then right up here in the template options which is the little gear shift that pops up there, under WP Loop you can set the number of posts to show and my guess is that set to 3.

Member: Let me check it right now.

Rick: Yes, go ahead.

Member: WP Loop. I’m using Carta Nude and there’s no option to…

Rick: You’re using a custom template?

Member: No, I’m using template home. Yeah, template home I’m sorry, WP Loop okay. It’s various sections are here, I would notice. I think that’s now should work.

Rick: Did you set it to 10?

Member: No, I put it to 5 and then yeah.

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