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How to Setup Filezilla to Work on a Second Domain with the Same Host

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This member wants to setup FileZilla for FTP on a second domain on his Bluehost account. We talk about the differences between setting it up on the primary domain and setting it up on a second domain and then I walk him through the steps of setting up Filezilla for synchronized browsing.

Video Transcript

Rick: So you had… you posted 3 questions. The first one was how to download Thesis to another registered domain.

Gary: Yes.

Rick: I think I understand what that is but can you tell me what you’re having difficulty with?

Gary: Originally I had downloaded Thesis to one domain itself and what happens is that I am an affiliate with the first domain. The thing is that it’s more complicated than I thought. So what I’m learning is I’m learning… I’m an associate with Amazon already with that so what I did is I went ahead and registered a domain for my daughter. It’s called Ana’s Toyland. It’s a learning process and also, to eventually make some money for her. So my first domain was (1.12) and I registered Ana’s Toyland now with Bluehost and I’ve running through the same thing as before… how can I go ahead and have Thesis download into a domain, into because I registered it with Bluehost.

Rick: And so,… have you already installed WordPress on it?

Gary: Yeah. What I did is I went to Bluehost and I could go ahead and I could see the website…

Rick: Okay so would you spell Ana’s Toyland for me?

Gary: Sure. It’s

Rick: Okay.

Gary: I tried to do the steps that I originally did. I go to…when I purchased at DIY Themes…

Rick: Sure. Well, can you show me your screen? Are you on a computer where you can show it to me?

Gary: Yes. You’re already in the dashboard for Ana’s Toyland.

Rick: Yeah, what I’m going to do is I’m going to make you a presenter so we can look at your screen and I’m just going to walk you through how to fix this.

Gary: Okay.

Rick: So now you have something that’s going to say you know, share your screen.

Gary: Okay. When I’m ready to show my screen, just click on that?

Rick: Yup.

Gary: Okay.

Rick: Okay?

Gary: I have Filezilla ready and let me see…

Rick: Okay well, you haven’t… if you’ve uploaded it to the site, you didn’t upload it to the correct site. So go ahead and open up Filezilla and now connect Ana’s site. Okay so you need to go to public HTML over here on the right. Actually, all you see is public h because you don’t have that filename thing expanded far enough. If you hover your mouse over filename and drag it to the right, it’ll expand so that you can actually read the filename. It’s on the right hand side here, not the left. That’s where your problem is. See the little line between filename and file size?

Gary: Yes.

Rick: Okay drag that to the right so you can actually… there you go. Now you can read public html so double click on public html. Okay and then double click on Ana’s Toyland. Okay now, this is the wp-content that you want connected… I mean, on the other hand, up on the left side, you’ve got you know, Gary’s Business Website, right? So you aren’t in any way synchronized between Ana’s Toyland and your stuff on your local files, right?

Gary: Right, yeah. I kinda mixed things up and I don’t know if I…

Rick: Okay so open… go back to Site Manager.

Gary: Just go below or…

Rick: It’s File, yeah… it’s File and then select Site Manager.

Gary: Got it.

Rick: Okay and now, so there you are on Ana’s Toyland. Go over to Advanced and we’re going to browse for your default local directory. So hit browse, go find… oh, there’s the Ana’s Business Website, right? Is that it?

Gary: Yes.

Rick: Okay, click on it.

Gary: Double-click?

Rick: Yeah and then WordPress and the wp-content. Okay now say OK to that. Okay so now, you’ve found your local files. Now you’re going to get to your remote files. So put your cursor in… well actually, yeah. Put your cursor in default remote directory and then see up on the top where it says remote site public HTML / Ana’s Toyland? Do you see that up there? It’s right above the Site Manager box. Right above Site Manager, here on the right hand side, a little further up… okay now, move your mouse to the right. See where it says remote site public HTML Ana’s Toyland? Okay, that’s what I want you to type there… if you can copy that, copy that.

Gary: So just type that part there?

Rick: Just type that under default remote directory.

Gary: I’m going to put the mic down for a second.

Rick: That’s fine. And then slash… wp-content. Okay now, check the box that says use synchronize browsing and then say connect. Say YES to this or OK. Okay now, double click on themes on either side, doesn’t matter which side. Okay see how you have thesis_18 on the left but not on the right?

Gary: Yes.

Rick: Right-click on Thesis on the left and say Upload. Once that’s completed uploading, you will be able to select the Thesis theme from the list to activate it.

Gary: Nice. I could barely find myself around my community… this is really great. I’m so grateful. This is so great…

Rick: No, we’ll just make sure it finishes uploading and that it works the way you want to work here. The trick here is you know, once you’ve… I mean, the way that I do this is I copy one of the connections that connect to the right server and then I just change the local you know, I browse to find the new local section. And you know, you just have to change it…a little bit of text on the remote site to make them connect properly. So looks like you’re done there so go ahead and go back to your website. Select Manage Themes tab there up on the top.

Gary: Oh my gosh, that’s what you call it.

Rick: Okay and now, just activate it.

Gary: I could have read a hundred books and I’ll never get this… my connection, was that on Filezilla to Ana’s…

Rick: Yeah, I mean, you had the connection issues in… well, in order for there to be synchronized browsing, you need to be able to locate their exact you know, directory on your remote site and the exact folder on your computer. And once you have those things then you can have synchronized browsing and then get everything loaded where it belongs.

Gary: Alright.

Rick: Now I mean, there are a couple of videos about this in Live Answers plus there are a couple of sets of videos on this site that just go through this process step by step. And they’re pretty much all with Bluehost so you know, the Bluehost settings are already laid out for you. So if you bump your head up against this again, really, just the first… well, I guess it’s the 3rd… no, it’s the 4th. It’s the 4th lesson in Start Building Your Website Here that teaches how to do just what we’ve just done.

Gary: You know what? You kinda told me I’ll just set that okay since I already… I went to like Thesis DIY Themes and do the steps when you’re actually going to purchase. I was going through there and I was going to go ahead and download it to Ana’s website and I think I was having difficulty… my first domain and I went ahead and I copied, pasted it to Ana’s but I went through the steps then downloaded and synchronized them.

Rick: Well, it’s true that Chapter 4 or that Lesson 4 does act as if you only have one domain and you have more than 1 domain. And so, that adds that extra layer to it. You know, making sure you find the right directory on your site to do that so…okay?

Gary: Thank you very much, Rick. I really appreciate your help.

Rick: You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure, Gary.You have a good day.

Gary: Thank you.

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