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How to Split a Static Page Into Multiple Pages

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In this session we show to split a static page into multiple pages using the “next page” tag.

Video Transcript

Member: I just have a, I hope what is a quick question for you tonight. I’ve got a couple of fairly long articles that is starting to really extend the page length and I know there’s a way to break those up so you basically, in the WP loop, have something where you can go next page, next page, but I don’t know how to do that. I’m assuming it’s probably a plugin.

Rick: No, it’s not a plugin. It’s actually a WordPress function. Although I don’t think I would do it but…

Member: Okay, well the little research that I did said that there was that function in WordPress and it was still in the engine but you couldn’t access it anymore.

Rick: Oh, is that right?

Member: That’s what I was seeing in some posts that were written in the last 6 months.

Rick: Okay, I had pagination to a post. Split static pages into multiple page.

Member: Alright, well, let’s not take more time on it, I can live with what I have for now and if I come up with an answer I’ll feed it back to you.

Rick: Okay, have you looked at this tag?

Member: Yeah, I think that is the tag that is the php that’s build into the engine, I believe that that will give just a simple page 1, page 2…

Rick: This is .com… have you tried doing this, next page thing?

Member: I have not tried anything yet.

Rick: Oh, let’s try it.

Member: I was just looking for a resource.

Rick: Yeah, let’s give it the old highschool try here. Let’s see, let’s do it here… I love learning something new. Yeah, that’s it.

Member: Okay, well it pops it in page 1, page 2.

Rick: That’s it. Next page. There you go! We learned something, this is going to go into the catalog, how to break a page into multiple pages. Use that little tag, next page and so that little tag looks very much like the more tag. If you click more, you’re going to get this little more tag <!–more– > and all you have to do is substitute the word “more” for next page. Perfect! I did not know that and I’m happy to have learned it.

Member: Well, great. Yeah, the other advantage I see to that is that it keeps the sidebar present, it keeps the branding present…

Rick: Right, absolutely.

Member: You know, as opposed to watch people getting a lot of fold so.. great! Okay, well thanks Rick!

Rick: Anything else?

Member: That would take care of me.

Rick: Okay, you have a great evening.

Member: You too.

Rick: Bye, bye.

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