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How to Style Captions in Thesis 1.8.5

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In this session we discuss how to style captions in Thesis 1.8.5 by identifying what the CSS is and changing the border and the background properties.

Video Transcript

John:  Is there an easy way or a relatively easy way to style captions for images so that it doesn’t have the default WordPress border and gray background?

Rick:  Well, sure. You’re just going to identify what its CSS is and write your own CSS for it. I mean,  there isn’t another way. I mean, I don’t know the… the only way to do is to do it via CSS. But it’s not going to be particularly hard to…

John:  So if I wanted to look at an image and then just through Firebug, I find out what it is and then say, “Don’t display borders” or something like that?

Rick:  Yeah, you could say… and the caption…

Member:  Rick, I’m afraid I might have lost you. Can you hear me?

Rick:  I can hear you just fine. I can hear you fine. But I’m guessing you can’t hear me anymore. So let’s see, John? Can you hear me? Hello?

John:  Yeah.

Rick:  Okay.

John:  I think… Rick, can you hear me?

Rick:  I can, yes.

John:  Okay yeah, I don’t know what happened but we faded out. So if I got into Firebug and determine what the elements are and then say, ‘don’t display the borders’ or something… how should I approach trying to figure that out?

Rick:  It’s probably border none background none is probably the two things you need to say because I think that the caption is going to come with both the border and the background. Now you can choose… I mean, you could also change the border and the background in the same way. But it’s probably border none background none.

John:  I just want that to go away.

Rick:  That would be it.

John:  And then that would obviously..

Rick:  I mean, do you have a URL that I can see a cap image in action like that? See, I don’t use captions so I don’t have any examples that I can just go select myself.

John:  Yeah, let me look at it. I might jump back on at 5 this evening with that. What I’ve been doing which is a royal pain is to put the image in Photoshop and add a caption myself and then bring it over to the whole imaging caption. It doesn’t give me a lot of flexibility.

Rick:  Oh yeah. I would just add the CSS code that says border none caption none.

John:  Sure. And that would actually be…

Rick:  Yeah, border none background none. That’s right, I’m sorry… not caption none.

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