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How to Style NavXT Breadcrumbs

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In this session we show how to style NavXT breadcrumbs and give it color so the link can get its own separate color. We show how to use a span class around each title to the page that is unlinked so it won’t attach to the separator.

Video Transcript

Member: Ah, my first question is we have a breadcrumb navigation bar here.

Rick: Uhuh.

Member: And I kind of I don’t know how to style the current item of the navigation; navigation bar.

Rick: You may not be able to style the current item let’s see.

Member: This is your box by the way.

Rick: Uhuh. So this is the current item right here and it has a class of post post-page, yeah let’s see. It’s actually not going to help is it? Okay, that was the one’s with a class of post post-page; okay, so what you do then is you just style breadcrumbs. So, give breadcrumbs I don’t know a different color call it red for a moment. So, if you give a style to breadcrumbs then link will still get its own colors separate from that.

Member: Yeah, the thing here is that if you can see the sign of a less than?

Rick: Yup.

Member: Yeah, it styles together with the current item.

Rick: Yes it does.

Member: I try to do so but yeah I cannot go around this styling the less than.

Rick: Tools, Settings > Breadcrumb NavXT okay fine migrate. Okay, so you know you might be able to put something like this, around htitle,


Member: Okay.

Rick: Like that and because this is the page 1 that’s unlinked…

Member: Oh, I see.

Rick: Which is the current, right. So here’s the linked one and here’s the unlinked one. So you could try span class with some class there wrapping the title like that and then using that span class that is not going to attached to the separator right because it’s only going to be; the separator happens in between each of these things.

Member: Yeah.

Rick: You might try that. I’m hesitant to do it on my site though.

Member: This is in section… Yeah, I’ll try to do it on my site. Okay, now I’m saving it. Yeah, I’ve save it.

Rick: Yup, <span> is there so now you can…

Member: I can style it yeah.

Rick: Right.

Member: Perfect.


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