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How to Switch to Thesis Theme from Another Theme

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In this session, we discuss how to switch to the Thesis theme from another theme. You don’t need to delete your current theme when switching to the Thesis theme or any other theme. You can just activate the theme you want to use and the deactivate the old theme.

Video Transcript

I started building my blog with a theme I don’t like. I want to switch over to Thesis. How do I proceed? Do I need to delete the other theme? And if so, how do I do that?

No. You do not need to delete the other theme. I mean, sure you can. You could delete the other theme but let’s see, let’s go to a… let’s see, www.headerhorizontalwidgets… There we go, okay.

So this is a site I use to demonstrate stuff on and this is the Thesis theme. However, if I log in to it, I can switch back to one of the default themes… well in fact, I’ve used this one… I’m on the theme review theme for WordPress and so also review themes for… the people are submitting. And these are a copule of themes that I’ve reviewed in their review stage. So you know, you can just activate this theme for example. So I’ve activated that theme and now if I come over and look at the site you know, it’s going to look totally different. Well, it doesn’t look totally different. Maybe I should… maybe this theme doesn’t work anymore with… let’s activate this one and see how it works.

I did these back prior to 3.3 and… well, maybe I needed to uninstall some of my plugins. Let’s see… or not uninstall but just deactivate. So we’ll deactivate my plugins on there and then we’ll come back over and refresh this thing. Yeah okay.

You know, I have these plugins that are Thesis-dependent and I’m going to add the ability for them to turn themselves off when Thesis is no longer the active theme. But I haven’t done that yet. So anyway, you can see what it looks like now that I’ve switched and again, go back over to themes and we can activate this theme and refresh it again.

So this is what it looks like now that we’ve changed the theme. We can also come over to 2011 and activate the 2011 theme. And so now, that’s what it looks like.

And so the poitn of that little presentation was for you to see that themes are supposed to be interchangeable. The only thing that prevented these themes from being interchangeable is that this website has some plugins on it that I created that do not… that only work with Thesis and they won’t install or they won’t activate if Thesis isn’t active.

So for example, if I come back over to plugins here and go to installed plugins and I tried to activate this plugin, it won’t activate because it says the plugin only works with Thesis theme version 1.8 or higher. But I should also… I’m going to also include a routine to deactivate it automatically in the case that somebody switches themes but still has these things working because…

But anyway, once you’re there you know, you can even upload another theme, right? You could… let’s see, let’s look for Responsive theme so we could install the Yoko theme. Activate it and then come back over and refresh it. You know, you have a whole different look.

Now the thing to understand is that when yo use this automatic system for adding themes, WordPress puts all of the themes in their own folders inside of the wp content’s directory. So if we open up Filezilla here for a second and we go to my Header Horizontal Widgets… okay so we open up wp content and themes. You can see here that I have png solar concern, thesis_182, 2011, 2010, and yoko installed on the site. In my local computer, I only have 2010, 2011, and thesis_182.

Now if you used Filezilla to install the theme rather than using the automatic system which is actually what I teach new people how to do, what you would do then is let’s see, let’s go over to… let’s go to and themes and let’s download zBench. I don’t have any idea what it is but we downloaded it and now, I’m going to extract it… extract all. I’m going to extract it to where I keep this kind of stuff which is in My Computer and then websites, thesis toolbox, header horizontal widgets and then I just go under wp content and themes and I’m going to extract it there. So now that’s my local copy. If I refresh Filezilla, you’ll see the local copy is there now.

And then I just upload it to again, the same place, wp content and themes on my site. So this is the manual method of installing a theme. It is actually the method I teach, I think, in Lesson 4 or Lesson 5 of the Start Building your Website Here series even though in practice, I generally use the automatic system. But now if we refresh this view, now we also have zBench and I can just activate zBench and refresh it.

And there’s the zBench view. It’s kind of funny looking. So, okay.

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