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How to Test Various Headlines, Landing Pages and Calls to Action

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This member asks what I do for testing various sales elements of my site. I explain that because of low traffic volume I don’t believe that testing is effective in my case. However I do suggest an online source of excellent testing information.

Video Transcript

Okay well, I’ll just leave his microphone on and ask his question. It’s “What can you show or tell about testing?” Be it sales pages, landing pages, opt in forms, headline, offers, bullet points, videos, etc. and whose software do I recommend?

Well you know, to tell you the truth, I don’t have any systematic system of testing. In fact, I usually… if I’m testing, I am usually just simply experimenting on the site and you know, trying to make a gut feel about how people reacted. Now, the reason I do that is because I don’t actually have that much traffic on the site, right? About 12,500 visits a month which may sound like a lot but it’s not really enough for testing. You know, if I have 100 people you know… well actually, in a given month, I might have 30 or 40 people respond to one of these call to actions and…oh I can hear you, yes.

I figured out how to do it.

Well, I can barely hear you anyway.

Is this any better?

Yeah, that is better.


So I was saying that the reason I don’t test is because I don’t have the volume for testing. That is I don’t really have… a test to 100 people and 100 people respond to a call to action you know, isn’t really a very good test. It’s a little too small a sample to gather and garner any real information from. However, this is who I would suggest you look at, Now, they have you know, it’s probably hundreds of hours but if it’s not hundreds of hours, it’s many manymany hours of webinars that they do on the effectiveness of different sorts of things in a website. And so for example, they’ve got a free webinar today starting at 1 o clock PST called Headline Optimization: How would you make this title better? And they test thousands and hundreds of thousands of iterations before they make suggestions and decisions. And they’ve got lots of stuff in here about testing.

The chances of you being able to implement their tests are not very good because again, these guys with huge companies that have thousands and hundreds of thousands of individual pieces of sample data. However, there’s a lot to learn from what they say about it. And so, when they say something about you know, well, we tested these shopping carts or here are the sorts of things you can do to improve your shopping cart based on our testing. You may not be able to test the bad shopping cart and the good shopping cart on your site and get any relevant data but they’ve already done it and they’ve been you know, good enough to tell you about it. So this is… there are so much information that you can get for free here that… this is who I would recommend. It’s just and these… I watch these guys regularly and they do have a really interesting sounding one coming up today about optimizing headlines. So that’s the best answer I can give you. I don’t really have… I myself don’t have a system of testing and I don’t have a sense of the tools that you would use if you had a site large enough to need testing. Or not necessarily need testing but to have beneficial results from testing.

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