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How to Troubleshoot Broken Thesis 2 Styles

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In this session we demonstrate how to troubleshoot broken Thesis 2 styles first by looking for syntax failures where the syntax had been written in the Additional CSS area of packages. We also talk about checking the CSS file using Firebug to look for errors or copying that code into a code editor which will show where the error is.

Video Transcript

Member:  It does make sense. I’ve tried something similar to that, adding an extra style. But when I put it in there, it messed up my site. I obviously did something wrong so I took some notes. I’ll try it again and see what happens.

Rick:  Well, if something messes up you know, the chances are that there is a syntax error some place. And what you would do is you’d start by looking for a syntax error in some place where you actually wrote syntax. So you don’t have to worry about a syntax error showing up you know, by selecting an option, a color or something like that because you can’t really cause a syntax error that way. But if you did put something in additional styles, you could make a syntax error here that would break the rest of the CSS.

The other thing that’s true and this is something I do all the time is I end up putting the $ here instead of &. And when you do that, it breaks all the rest of the CSS below it. So those are the kinds of things to look for. When you do something, you think is supposed to work but it doesn’t and everything seems to go wrong or something odd seems to happen, that’s where I would start looking for a syntax error.

And what I do when I’m trying to diagnose it on someone else’s site… because this is how I answer forum questions is I just go look at their CSS file. And I can see anybody’s CSS file and I just look through here and see if I can see an error. And if I can’t, I copy it, the whole thing and then stick it in my code editor which will tell me where I have errors and I can find them that way.

But one of the sure fire signs that you have some kind of an error like that is when you know, stuff doesn’t stack right anymore. Because what Thesis does is it puts its float… it clears all of its floats at the very bottom of the file, all the way down here at the bottom. And so if you’ve got an error some place up here, it breaks the CSS file all the way down to the bottom. And so your floats don’t get cleared and then you know, stuff is all over the place funky.

So if you ever end up where you’ve you know, refreshed your page and stuff is laid out completely crazy, that probably means you’ve got a syntax error some place in here and it’s broken your floats.

And I’ve answered… I’ve probably answered this question 20 times on the forum you know, where somebody says, “Oh my God, my site has just gone nuts.” And it goes nuts because of that.

Member:  Okay.

Rick:  Okay?

Member:  Alright, thanks.

Rick:  You’re welcome. Have a great evening.

Member:  You too.

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