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How to Update WP eMember

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In this session we talk about how to update WP eMember, going to their automated update system and asking them to send an email with the link to their latest products. We show how to delete the old copy of WP eMember and install the new version and keeping the existing data.

Video Transcript

Member: So my question, you talked about they don’t update, they don’t just click an update button or whatever.

Rick: Right.

Member: So when I go to Tips and Tricks HQ like okay, what am I supposed to I’m not blaming you but I’m saying okay, like how do I update it? Download it, just upload it or delete the old version, how does that work?

Rick: Well, they do have because you know, after I refresh my memory on this everytime I do it because I don’t do it very often but I did just do it this weekend and you know, the first thing you do of course is go to their automated update system and ask them to send you updates for all your products and then you get that email with the links that you can download your copies of those products and then you come into here, actually you go to the Plugins and you deactivate WP eMember and you actually delete.

Member: Ahh..

Rick: And then you just use the Add New Plugin feature to install it again, off of your new copy and deleting that didn’t delete any of its data so all of its data is still there and it’s done.

Member: Okay, sounds great. So I’m assuming is that in the mySQL database, is that where all the settings are?

Rick: Yes. Yeah all the settings, all the members, all the member levels, everything is all there.

Member: Okay, well that’s cool I never really thought it through. I just fell in like well, what exactly happens. I’m just…

Rick: Now you’re almost current though because I think the current one is 8.9.4. Let me just see for sure.

Member: You’re right, I think I am almost current, this is pretty recent.

Rick: Yeah, the most recent one is 8.9.4 so you’re pretty much there.

Member: So literally, just for chuckles I delete this… you like to say, “for grins” I like to say “for chuckles”… or grins and giggles but in any event, just for chuckles, I delete this tonight after we hang up, I delete WP eMember from Plugins and all I do is upload the latest version and all would be right with the world, correct?

Rick: That’s correct, yes.

Member: Okay now, what’s the story with WP eStore is that the same…

Rick: Exactly the same.

Member: deal?

Rick: Yup, exactly the same thing. Same thing with WP Affiliate.

Member: Okay.

Rick: All of their plugins work that way, the stuff that get stored is saved on a database and does not get deleted when you delete the plugin.

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