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How to Upgrade Genesis

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In this session we show how to upgrade Genesis and discuss the process of backing up everything before the upgrade. We also show how to download export file that creates the file for of the Genesis settings so we don’t have to go back if the upgrade fails.

Video Transcript

And now that WordPress is upgraded, now the next thing we’re going to do is upgrade Genesis. Now before we upgrade Genesis, I want to back up a couple of other things as well. And what I want to do is I want to back up the theme and SEO settings.

So if we come over here to Genesis and Import Export, we can put a check box beside Theme Settings and SEO settings and then select download export file. That creates a file of our Genesis settings that… so we don’t have to go back and reset them if for some reason or another, we have a problem with Genesis or we have to uninstall it. We can just go back and you know upload this settings file. But I don’t think that’s going to happen.

I think what we’ll have to do now is come over to Genesis 1.8.2, update now. So it says upgrading Genesis. We’ll overwrtie the current installed version of Genesis so are you sure you want to upgrade? We’re going to say you bet. Let’s go ahead and upgrade. Okay so click here to complete the upgrade and there we go. I think we are… oh isn’t that interesting? You know, I don’t believe we… well, yes we did. I’m sorry. I forgot what my settings were here. If we refresh this now, it looks exactly the same as it did. Our stuff still works, there we go.

Okay so it’s that easy really. It’s not difficult to upgrade. You really only face upgrade issues when… I mean, upgrading is much smoother now than it used to be. And the most important part really of upgrading is simply backing this stuff up so in the case of a crisis or when things don’t go the way you expect or the upgrade fails, you have something to fall back on and to come back and to fix.

Okay so that’s how to upgrade WordPress and upgrade Genesis.

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