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How to Upgrade Thesis to Thesis 1.8.5

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In this session we show how to upgrade Thesis to Thesis 1.8.5. We demonstrate how to copy the old files to our computer so it will be easy to go back in case something goes wrong. We show how to download the database manually in BlueHost and download customization files from the live site to make sure that we have the latest version of the customization files from the existing Thesis installation and copying those to the new Thesis installation.

Video Transcript

Okay so the next thing we’re going to do is upgrade the site to Thesis 1.8.5. And before we do that, we’re going to do a quick little backup of a couple of things just to make it really easy for us to jump back in the case this doesn’t go the way we expect it to go.

So the first thing we’ll do is come over to Thesis and Manage Options and we’re going to download our Thesis Options as they exist right now. We’re going to actually download all options. It’s going to come down to us that way. So Thesis all options, got that and we’re going to come over here to Bluehost and we’re going to do a manual download of our database. So… because really, changing Thesis or upgrading Thesis is mostly… if we have a problem with it, it’ll have been a problem inside of our database, generally speakin. So we don’t really have to backup the entire site in order to make this whole thing work. We can get away with simply backing up our database if we have to restore.

And so let’s see, so we’re logging in to php myadmin and then we’re going to go over to the correct… well, we have to figure out which one of these things is the correct database now. So first, before we do anything, we’ll go back over to our… oh here we are, File Manager and we’ll come back over to SPYWHFinal and we’ll look at wp config. That’ll tell us what our final is. That’s not what I wanted. Let’s just edit it, word45, okay. So that’s our database here, word45 right there. Let’s go ahead and let it load, word45, and then we’re going to just manually download it. And by that I mean export.

First, I’m going to check all of the tables that I want to export and then I can actually come down here and say export. There’s a simpler way to do it. I”ll just go ahead and do the quick export as SQL. It automatically downloads directly to my computer and I can see it right here in my downloads folder, byobtuto, word45 sql. It’s about a megabyte in size.

Okay so now that I’ve done that, I’m going to upload Thesis 1.8.5. Open up the Filezilla, wp content, themes. I want to make sure I have the latest copy of all my customization files on my hard drive so I’m going to download those and then Thesis 1.8.3. So I’m going to download those customization files from my live site to my computer so I’m going to download the whole customization folder.

And then while it’s doing that, I’m going to come back over here to my download a copy of Thesis 1.8.5. Okay, let’s do it by name instead. Thesis 1.8.5. I’m going to extract to and unqip it over there in that other folder. So I’m going to extract it right there. So now let’s see, is my custom folder all finished? Okay, there’s Thesis 1.8.5. Let’s make sure… oh, overwrite. Say okay to that. Okay, I’ve got 19 files left queued so I’m going to wait for those things to come down.

Now the reason for doing this is because we want to make sure that we have the latest version of our customization files from our existing Thesis installation and we’re going to move those into our… or copy those into our new Thesis installation. That’s what’s happening here right now. So the one thing that may not always be synchronized for you is this cache folder because Thesis writes thumbnails to this cache folder. And so what I do is just automatically, before I’m going to do a backup or an upgrade like this is I just take… I just make sure I have a complete and 100% full and accurate copy of the custom folder that’s on my site on my computer.

And now that I’ve done that, I’m going to take that copy here. I’m just going to copy it, come back over to Thesis 1.8.5, paste it. I’m just going to delete this custom sample because it’s no value to me here. So I got rid of custom sample. I’ve got a custom folder that’s an exact copy of what’s on the website now and then I’m just going to load this thing back. So if we refresh this, now we can see that on our local computer, we have Thesis 1.8.5 and I can simply say upload and wait for this stuff to upload. And then once it’s uploaded, I’m just going to go back in and… once it’s uploaded then what we’ll do is activate the theme.

Okay there we go. So it’s all transferred over and now, on our site here, if we come back over to our Appearance and Themes, we should have Thesis 1.8.5 available to us. It is so we can just say okay and activate. Well, it says we have Thesis 1.8.5 as our active theme, come back over here. It says Thesis 1.8.5 is our active theme. Once we refresh this…. okay so we have at least one little gotcha here and that’s the menu. And what that means is that Thesis has lost the fact that… which menu to use as the primary menu. So we need to come back over to Apparance and Menus and where it says primary menu, select the main menu. I’m not sure I saved it, did I? Yeah, okay. We come back over here and refresh it. Now, we’ll have that menu back.

And had we not copied our custom CSS over, the site wouldn’t look like this because if we hadn’t copied that custom folder over, the byob custom css file wouldn’t be there. And so all of the styling from the plugins would be gone.

Now sometimes, when you do an upgrade, sometimes it just seems to have fallen apart. All you have to do, when that happens is come over to Thesis Design Options and hit save and it will reset the CSS file. And then once you’ve got it and you’re confident that it is the way you want it to be, you should go back ove to Thesis Site Options and come over here to Design Mode and uncheck this. And hit save again and now, we should have a perfect looking site with one less css file being loaded and everything else happening the way we want it to. Okay, there we go.

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